KD Box Spring / Foundation

Average Rating: 4.2 Stars

Price:  $250.00   
Knock Down All Wood Mattress Box Spring / Foundation – Every great mattress needs the proper support as well. All Nature’s Sleep mattresses are designed to support you in unmatched comfort for years and years. But your mattress needs proper support too, to deliver to you the great night’s sleep you need and deserve. Our KD foundation offers you great features; it can be delivered to you via FedEx in one single carton and fits into even the tightest of spaces. Whether it is a twin size or a king size the KD Foundation is easy to assemble with the simplest instructions and only a maximum of 7 pieces. Once assembled with the quilted slip-on cover, the KD Foundation looks and preforms like any fully assembled foundation you can buy anywhere. Perfectly matched to support you and your mattress for years of simple, uncomplicated use.
  • High profile — 9” height
  • All Solid Wood
  • Hand made in USA
  • Kiln dried and inspected
  • Side rails with a center support rail
  • 16 wood slats with woven attachments
  • Unsurpassed durability holds up to 2,000 lbs
  • Assembly instructions included
  • Assemble in approximately 15 to 30 minutes
  • Provides superior support for all mattresses
  • 1-piece stretch to fit cover included
  • Cotton blend cover with elastic banded bottom
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
    Shipping & Handling is Free
    Ships within 1-2 business days
    Ships via UPS or FedEx
    Fits easily in narrow stairwells and hallways
    Manufactured by Nature's Sleep
    Designed and made in the USA
    All product sizes shown are approximate.
    Product coverings may vary from product photographs.

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    Instructions to Assemble Nature's Sleep Wood KD Foundation are universal among all sizes.

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    Customer Reviews
    (13  reviews)
    Average Rating: 4.2  Stars

    Review By AlwaysOnTheMove Verified Buyer
    My spoiled nature bit me in the ass with this one. I thought this would come pre-assembled or I would have a sales guy come assemble it for me on hand delivery. Nope, had to build it myself. However, with some help from my brother, this was simple to put together with the given instructions. The rectangular box comes with around 20 pieces, a bunch of screws and a cover. With a power drill, we were able to knock this out in about 20 minutes. YMMV depending on how handy you are. Good finish on the wood and no squeaking and the cover accents it nicely.

    Review By TachyNME Verified Buyer
    My foundation arrived 2 days later than my mattress. No biggie. Assembling wasn't that hard with a friend. I did require a power drill however as I wanted to ensure that the screws would secure the entire frame together. All in all after a week, this thing feels solid. Good build quality and feel.

    Review By KT Verified Buyer
    We recently purchased a queen sized 8" St. Barts mattress along with the queen sized KD foundation. When I read the reviews for the foundation I was feeling okay. When the foundation arrived, I took it out of the box right away only to find that one of the sides of the frame was cracked all the way though, and about halfway down. Not only that, Natures Sleep says that the frame is "Solid Wood", my parents have a lot of solid wood, and this IS NOT! solid wood. I can pick up both sides of the frame with one hand, can't do that with my parents furniture. I purchased the mattress with the groupon, but paid $200 for a foundation that isn't what they said it would be. I'm not sure if I should let them send me a new foundation or ask for a refund and get a different one from else where. I am very disappointed.

    Review By ArchieBennet Verified Buyer
    I am writing this review to share to anyone who might fall in the same position as I did and how a simple fix can save your mattress. I bought a memory foam bed from Nature's sleep roughly June '13 and it felt great. Just like everyone said, greatest sleep ever. Throughout the months of ownership, the bed did started to feel different and not the same way as it did before. Nothing was different with how it was used. I tried rotating it but no difference. I called into Nature's sleep's customer support and was told to test it on different surfaces. I put it on the floor and strangely the comfort improved. After speaking further I was asked about my previous foundation and was told to check it. There it was, the culprit, the foundation was buckling and cracking from the pressure of the mattress, me and old age. Supposedly I tried to cut costs of getting a newer, heavier mattress and using it on a dated support but I have learned my lesson and ordered one. Just like that my mattress was as comfortable as when I first got it.

    Review By A.Sanders Verified Buyer
    This foundation is exactly what you're looking for. Fairly easy to assemble, took around 20 mins not that hard to move rather than the alternative huge metal frame ones. Even though it is light, it is very sturdy. I left it on the floor and slid the bed on and it did not make any squeaks or budging. It did improve the feel of my bed a bit too which I appreciate. Price is a tad bit high but that is my fault as I missed out on a sale they had a few months ago, but it still came with free shipping.

    Review By Best Papa Alive Verified Buyer
    I bought two of these for my daughters who are moving on from a bunk bed to separate twin beds. Good bang for the buck, materials were good and cleanly finished. Assembly was straight forward and didn't take long with the assistance of my little helpers. I feel that these make the beds more comfortable and softer as opposed to putting them in metal bar supports. I certainly felt the difference. No creaks or anything so far after 2 months. Will update after more time passes by.

    Review By Blazzingmoma Verified Buyer
    Easy to assemble and sturdy. I wanted to have the complete collection after purchasing my Nature's Sleep mattress. It came before my mattress even though I placed the order after my mattress purchase. Works great and no problems fitting in my exisiting frame.

    Review By Kenworth5Cents Verified Buyer
    Wish box springs still existed. This or wood foundations are the new "in" and replacements for them. So far a month on this and it doesn't creek or make noise. Solid for the price. The cover is a nice touch from the uusal foundation covers.

    Review By Natasha Verified Buyer
    I almost didn't buy this KD Foundation because of the previous negative review about this being poorly made. There aren't that much companies offering a box spring foundation made out of wood. I waited and called customer support for more information following the other reviewer and got a detailed explaination on how they were produced and assured me that i can get an exchange if noticed anything wrong. Shortly after I ordered and received my foundation within 6 days. The wood checked out fine and assembly was tricky but i was able to get it built with my hubby.

    Review By TheJessiePinkman Verified Buyer
    I recently bought a mattress from natures sleep and thought about replacing the box spring too so i chose nature's sleep again. why not? There's not much to say in general but the wood was pretty dang sturdy and smooth. I had called their customer service in need of instructions and they directed me to the same product page where a pdf was available, pretty useful. I did however found the print out instructions taped to the bottom of the box. Aw well. Took about 25 minutes with power tools.

    Review By Andrew Verified Buyer
    This is my second review, the first was removed, it seems this company will delete anything negative towards their brand. Again, this is poorly made, overpriced, does not meet specification as outlined in this site, a true piece of bad engineering. I would not suggest this item to anyone, embarrassed I bought it. However the mattress is just what we needed, a truly good product. Sad to see that someone decides to remove actual customer feedback. Disappointing.

    Review By MrsB Verified Buyer
    Very easy assembly. When the package arrived the instruction were very easy to assemble we had it assembled in less than 15 minutes.

    Review By Chuck Verified Buyer
    It says can be installed in as little as 15 minutes. 30-40 minutes would be normal. It would seem like some more top screws would be helpful. The fit was good (in terms of how the foundation went together), but not excellent. Overall, a good product. I compared to other foundations and this one seemed to have more wood on the top surface. We are using this with a foam mattress. BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend