What happens in your bedroom when the lights go out? According to more and more couples, the answer isn't much. According to a recent survey, most couples turn their backs on their partners as soon as they settle in to bed, not even kissing each other good night or saying, "I love you," and in 25% of cases, subjects say they hope that their partner will not even touch as they try to fall asleep. However, psychologists say that the positions we assume while we are deep in sleep say a lot about our relationship with our significant other.

When you're asleep, you can't fake your body language. Sleep is a time when your body language is honest and vulnerable. The position you sleep in with your partner can therefore unmask a lot about your relationship. Corrine Sweet, a relationship psychologist, gathered data from many different people to see what their different sleeping positions indicated about their relationships. "Couples fall into habitual ways of sleeping together that suits their personalities and personal preferences," Sweet says, "These are negotiated at the outset, so if something changes in how they sleep together, this can reflect a change in their relationship and cause concern for the other partner." We've listed below the various couples' sleeping positions

  • The "Liberty" sleeping position (shown in the first photo above) is when the partners sleep back-to-back, but apart. Couples who sleep like this are intimate, but independent, and familiar with each other's sleeping habits.
  • The "Cherish" Sleeping position is back-to-back and touching. Couples who sleep in this position are comfortable, intimate, and relaxed in their relationship. It is a popular sleeping position for new couples. 18% of the people surveyed reported preferring this position over the others.
  • The "Lover's Knot" sleeping position is face-to-face with leg entwined, If the couple separates after a short while, it implies loving independence, but if the legs stay entwined all night, then it means the couple can't bear to be separated. 8% of people surveyed that they prefer the Lover's Know sleeping position, but separate within 10 minutes. 4% said that they stayed intertwined all night.
  • The "Pillow Talk" sleeping position is face-to-face, but separate. It denotes an intimate desire for one-on-one contact or conversation in bed. 7% of the people in the survey recorded that they prefer this sleeping position with their partner.
  • The "Spoons", with the male on the outside and the female on the inside, is a very traditional sleeping pose, and denotes that the male cherishes his lover and wants to keep her safe and secure.  13% of people surveyed preferred this position.
  • The "Spoons" (female) places the female on the outside and the male on the inside. The female is the leader in this position, and protects her man while he sleeps. 5% of people surveyed preferred this position over the others.
  • The "Superman" is with the male dominating the bed, and the female hanging off the side. The male is king of the bed, and this position shows that he is dominant and likes to have his way, and the female is happy to oblige. Only 1% of the people surveyed prefer this position.
  • The "Superwoman" (female) is where the female dominates the bed, and the male hangs off the side. The female in this position likes her space and the male lets her have it. Only 1% of the people surveyed prefer this position.
  • The "Romantic" is a popular sleeping position portrayed in Hollywood movies. The Female lays with her head and arm on her lover's chest. This is a popular sleeping position for new lovers or after sex, and represents new or rekindled love.  Only 1% of the people surveyed prefer this position.

And what about if you sleep alone?

  • Curled sleeping positions mean that you want to trust others and feel safe.
  • If you stretch out while sleeping it means that you want to be in charge and experience adventure.
  • If you curl your hands inward, it means that you are looking for someone to connect with.
  • Wrapping your hands around your pillow indicates a cuddly nature. 
  • If your hands and/or arms are pressed tightly, held, or straight down by your sides sides it means you want to be alone.
  • Sleeping on your stomach temporarily reveals that you are anxious or think that something is out of control. It's symbolic of needing to protect the vulnerable front of your body.
  • If you always sleep on your stomach, but with arms bent and hands up around the head, it shows that you are persistent, goal oriented, compulsive and stubborn.

When you're asleep, you can't fake your body language. Whether you sleep with a partner or by yourself, your sleeping position can reveal a lot about you! What is your favorite sleeping position, and what does it say about your personality?