1. Save 83% On The NEW Nature's Sleep Hybrid Pillowtop Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress!

    Nature's Sleep's Hybrid Mattress

    Well folks, Nature's Sleep has branched into new territory! The brand new Hybrid Pillowtop Gel-Infused memory foam mattress is a first for Nature's Sleep, being that it is a coil mattress. Ideal for those who suffer through restless nights of tossing and turning, this Nature’s Sleep mattress is built with hundreds of individually wrapped innerspring coils and then layered with gel-infused memory foam. The coils help evenly distribute weight across the mattress, and the memory foam gently cradles and supports your body. When combined with the ventilated mesh border, it all ensures your dreams are unencumbered by pressure points, overheating, or a partner who tap-dances in their sleep. Right now, you can snatch this brand new Nature's Sleep memory foam mattress for 83% off during our latest Groupon deal!


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  2. Save On A Memory Foam Mattress During The Nature's Sleep Living Social Deal!

    Memory Foam Mattress LivingSocial Deal

    Are you ready for another great deal on a memory foam mattress? You'll want to check out our Living Social deal! Now though 11/23, you can select from one of two memory foam mattress deals. This deal is just in time for the holidays! Refresh your guest bedroom with a new memory foam mattress. Your guests will be thankful! Your options include an 8" slightly firm memory foam mattress or a plush 11" memory foam mattress, both available in multiple sizes.

    The Living Social Memory Foam Mattress Deal Includes:

    • 8" Twin- California King Gel Memory Foam Mattress~ $329-$489
    • 11" Queen-California King Memory Foam Mattress~
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  3. Vitex Gel Memory Foam Pillows Are 73% Off!

    Do you wake up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night? Then you are in luck, because we are at it again with another great deal! This time, our Vitex Gel memory foam pillows are on sale! Our latest Groupon deal just started, giving you a chance to save 73% off Vitex Gel pillows. You can choose one of two options: a single pillow or a pack of two pillows. As with anything, you will get the better deal when your purchase two. In fact, your savings gets bumped to 77% off when you purchase two pillows! 

    About The Vitex Gel Memory Foam Pillow:

    These luxurious pillows don’t just conform to the body for a comfortable night’s sleep. They also work to keep sleepers cool on hot nights or during dreams about the sun. The pillows’

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  4. Save 73% Off Nature's Sleep Vitex Memory Foam Pillows!

    Vitex Memory Foam Pillow

    As you may have caught on, we love giving you great deals on our amazing memory foam mattresses and pillows! Today is no exception! In fact, one of our latest Groupon deals is offering you substantial savings off a Vitex memory foam pillow!

    About The Vitex Memory Foam Pillow:

    The Vitex pillow's proprietary formula combines the therapeutic support of memory foam with the quick plush recovery of latex. Inside, you'll find solid memory foam, not just scraps, as well as two separate covers for increased longevity. The inner cover comes wrapped in 100% natural cotton, and the outer cover is allergen resistant. Both are removable for cleaning in the washing machine or your dog's water bowl.

    • Proprietary product with the feel of Vis
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  5. A Perfect Match For Memory Foam: Nature's Sleep Meets Staples!

    Staples Daily Deal

    Have you ever heard of Staples Daily Deals? Staples Daily Deals provide the hottest deals on everything from the latest in technology, office supplies and much more! Daily deals are refreshed every week and when they are gone, they are GONE! Nature's Sleep is now a provider of mattresses and pillows for Staples Daily Deals. What does this mean for you? A great deal on a mattress and pillows, of course!

    Our latest Staples Daily Deal:

    Nature's Sleep Memory Foam Mattress and FREE Pillows!

    This deal includes a special price on the 11" Sapphire Gel memory foam mattress! The Sapphire Gel memory foam mattress has a unique formulation that delivers you a great feel, superior comfort and heat dissipation unlike any other gel me

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  6. Savings Of 74% Off A 10.5" Gel Memory Foam Mattress

    We've got another great Groupon sale to announce that you will just love! Right now, you can secure savings of up to 74% off a 10.5" Nature's Sleep Gel Memory Foam mattress! Now through October 3rd we are offering savings on Twin XL, Queen, King and California King mattresses with an optional foundation. As a little extra special gift to you, you will receive FREE Faux Down Memory Foam pillows!

    About Our Memory Foam Mattress:

    While still in its pourable state, Nature's Sleep memory foam is infused with Advanced Gel Technology beads so they'll distribute evenly throughout the entire mattress. This gives the bed both the body-molding comfort of memory foam and the temperature-regulating coolness of gel. That cooling technology helps keep sleepers from overheating or dreaming they can't find the exit to the sauna. The cover

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  7. Save 79% Off The Groupon Exclusive IQ Cool 10" Memory Foam Mattresses

    IQ Cool Mattress

    Thought you missed out on our exclusive IQ Cool 10" Memory Foam Mattress? Think again! We've re-launched our Groupon deal, giving you another opportunity to secure huge savings on a brand new 10" memory foam mattress. Now through October 3rd we are offering savings on Twin through California King mattresses with an optional foundation. That's a savings of up to $1,300!

    About The Exclusive IQ Cool 10" Memory Foam Mattress:

    • Medium-comfort feel 
    • 3" high-density IQ Cool memory foam layer 
    • 7" high-density Premium Support layer 
    • Extra-large open-cell design stores your weirdest dreams forever 
    • Hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, antimicrobial, and odor-minimizing 
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  8. Get 83% Off A Nature's Sleep 12" Memory Foam Mattress

    We are at it again with another Groupon deal put together just for YOU! Our 12" memory foam mattress is infused with beads of cooling gel to help regulate body temperature for a more comfortable night's sleep. The 12" thick slab of dense foam conforms to the body's contours, cradling the spine in an ergonomic position to help ensure sleepers don't wake up sore. An optional foundation provides even support across the bottom of the mattress, and, like buying your mattress a nice pair of pumps, adds 9" to its height. Additionally, each mattress comes with a zippered cover that makes spot cleaning easy.

    About Our 12" Memory Foam Mattress:

    • 12" mattress
    • 1" Next Generation Visco memory foam in quilted top
    • 1" Advanced Visco Technology (AVT) memory foam
    • 2" gel memory foam using Advanced Gel Tech
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  9. Save 73% Off Vitex Gel Memory Foam Pillows!

    Gel Memory Foam Pillows

    We are at it again! Another Groupon sale that you won't want to miss...73% off our Nature's Sleep Vitex Gel Pillows! This deal comes at the perfect time, because we all know that it's STILL really hot outside! There is nothing better than hopping in to bed and laying your head down on a nice, cool gel pillow! These luxurious pillows don't just conform to the body for a comfortable night's sleep. They also work to keep sleepers cool on hot nights or during dreams about the sun. The pillows' gel-pad surface can wick away up to 3.5º to help regulate temperatures, and underneath, memory foam cradles users heads and necks during every toss and turn. Each pillow is surrounded by two covers, which work in tandem to increase the pillow's life and ward o

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  10. Save 67% During Our Memory Foam Topper Groupon Sale!

    We've got a new Groupon deal that you will just blow your TOP off! Right now, you can snag a Nature's Sleep HD Visco Memory Foam Mattress Topper with a cover for 67% off! A Nature's Sleep mattress topper is like a multi-tool for your back. Throw it on the floor during a sleep over, bring it camping or rejuvenate your uncomfortable futon or sleeper sofa. Oh, you can actually use it on an uncomfortable mattress, too! The topper's 2.5" thick layer of HD Visco memory foam cradles sore muscles, and its machine-washable microfiber cover forms a protective barrier against dust, dirt, and sweat.

    About Our 2.5" HD Visco Memory Foam Topper:

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