Most of us know that memory foam was originally created by NASA to help absorb the extreme G-force pressure placed on astronauts at take-off and landing, but few of us know how they actually make memory foam. It's really a very cool process!

While the exact recipe for memory foam is kept secret, we know that memory Foam, or visco-elastic polyurethane foam (as scientists like to call it), is made primarily from polyurethane with some additional chemicals added to increase its density and viscosity. This increased density and viscosity in turn creates a foam that's more supportive than other foams and also allows it to mold to our bodies.

All of the memory foam ingredients are kept in liquid form in separate tanks. When it's time to make a batch of memory foam, metered pumps release the proper amount of each ingredient into a smaller tank.  In this tank, the ingredients are all mixed together and heated so that the chemicals can combine and react. This liquid is then sprayed onto a conveyor belt, where it begins to rise.

The conveyor belt is very long and typically with raised sides. The foam begins to undergo a chemical change, which causes a raise in temperature, which in turn causes the foam to expand and rise. As the foam rises, the raised sides on the conveyor belt keep the memory foam contained, so as to create a square shape. Once the memory foam has cooled and is finished expanding, it is cut into uniform lengths. Since the foam is not ready to be stacked yet, it is then set to be cured. Once cured, the memory foam is ready to be trimmed down even further to create mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows, etc.

When memory foam is used in a mattress, the memory foam is stacked upon other layers of thicker, more firm foam that help support the heavier layer of memory foam. And you're probably wondering what happens to those scraps of memory foam back at the factory? Nothing goes to waste! The scraps of memory foam are either broken down and used in pillows or other consumer items, or used as carpet padding!

Now that you know where memory foam comes from, what are you waiting for? Go buy your Mattress or Mattress Topper today!