Gel Memory Foam Sofabed Sleeper Replacement Mattress

Average Rating: 4.7 Stars

Price:  $579.00   
The Nature’s Sleep New Gel Memory Foam Sofabed Sleeper mattress can turn your sofabed from a pain in the back to a restful night sleep. Our innovative Multi layered design creates the perfect match of comfort, support and durability. Experience cool gel memory foam right on your sofabed, cushioning your body that you won’t be feeling that terrible bar digging into you up all night.
  • 4.5” thick Sofabed Sleeper Mattress is thick enough to make you comfortable but will fold nicely into your sofabed when you close it up to enjoy your day
  • Plush cool Gel Memory foam layer which contours to your body while relieving pressure
  • High density support foam to support you and to cushion your body
  • Pressure relieving Memory Foam reduces tossing and turning
  • Adds comfort and support to your existing sofabed
  • Designed in the USA, Made in China
  • Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam are CertiPUR-US® approved
  • Available sizes: Full, Queen, Wide Queen
  • ½” Embossed Memory Foam quilted into the cover
  • 2” Gel Memory Foam
  • 2” High Density Support Foam
  • CertiPUR-US® approved. 
  • 310 gram quilted cotton blend cover which can be removed for spot cleaning
  • All product sizes shown are approximate.

  • CertiPur-US Approved
    5 Year Limited Warranty
    Shipping & Handling is Free
    Ships within 1-2 business days
    Manufacturer by Nature's Sleep, LLC
    Designed in the USA
    Produced in both USA & China
    All product sizes shown are approximate.
    Product coverings may vary from product photographs.

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    Customer Reviews
    (5  reviews)
    Average Rating: 4.7  Stars

    Review By Belinda S. Verified Buyer
    Bought it for my guests but it has not had much heavy use. It looks wondeful and feels very good to the touch. I've tested it and it has a nice feel that makes you forget that you are on a sofa. Will report back once the summer rolls through and I get more family to use it to get a overall consensus.

    Review By Cereal_Killer Verified Buyer
    First off, let me tell you why we replaced our sleeper sofa mattress: We are a family that heavily uses our sleeper sofa, and have all had turns with sleepless nights due to bars and springs digging in to our bodies. Honestly, I could never really sleep on it. I always felt bad when my sister's family or sister-in-law's family would have to sleep on it. That is NOT a problem you'll have with this Gel Memory Foam replacement mattress!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!! I can no longer feel bars through the mattress and I can get a sound sleep on this mattress! It arrived very quickly, was packed well and easy for me to handle and put on the sofa sleeper without the help of my husband. I let it expand for several hours and after a long shift at work took a solid 2 hour nap on it without a single pain. The only thing that woke me was my phone. I highly recommend this as a replacement to the not so fabulous mattresses that come with sleeper sofa's, you won't be disappointed!

    Review By JakEYO Verified Buyer
    I bought this replacement sleeper for our old sofa bed but I realized that it did not get much use so I developed an alternative idea; to use it in my RV's hide-a-bed. It didn't fit precisely but I made it work. Still it made a big difference in the comfort, had great firm support and the memory foam comformed around me so nicely. Would buy again if there is one that fits my RV smack dab.

    Review By Kurtis Verified Buyer
    What's worse than having in-laws over? The guilt of having to put them on your sofa bed that you know is uncomfortable. I had that experience last christmas so I got this as a substitute to replace the one that came with the sofa, which was only 2 inches thick! The new Nature's Sleep sleeper is 4.5 inches thick and completely changed the feel. I even spent one night on it to test it and slept easy without any disturbances.

    Review By Tyson & Aly Verified Buyer
    Very supportive and holds up to a lot of weight that you don't feel the bars digging in your back as you lie down. We got the wide queen and it fit our sofa quite well and even though it is thick, it folded up perfectly when stored away just as the representative told me it would. A very nice upgrade with a premium feel that is well worth the money.