Faux Down Pillow

Average Rating: 4.8 Stars

Price:  $80.00   
Faux Down Pillow is a regular shaped pillow and referred to as "The Teddy Bear" of pillows; it's soft, supple, filled with micro-gel fibers that caress your neck and head to gently and deliciously cradle and contour you. The Pillow has a 300 TC cotton inner scrim cover and is completely washable and very kind to the skin. It is a great pillow for anyone who sleeps on their side or stomach, or who likes a scrunchable, huggable pillow. If you try this pillow, you’ll love it!
  • The comfort of down at an affordable price
  • Molds flawlessly to support the head and neck in proper alignment
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and irritant free, easy-care pillow
  • Filled with fine microfiber gel clusters to cradle the body in comfort
  • Luxuriously smooth allergen resistant cotton/poly (80/20) velour
  • Machine washable and dryable to restore fluff and cleanliness
  • Designed in the USA, Made in China
  • Free Shipping
  • This Memory Foam Pillow is Eco-Friendly and CertiPUR-US® approved
  • Dimensions: 30" L x 20" W x 7" H
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs (1 kg)
  • Micro-gel Fiber filled
  • Traditional Shape
  • 300TC inner scrim cover
  • 80/20 cotton poly cover
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
    Ships within 1-2 business days
    Manufactured by Nature's Sleep
    Designed in the USA
    Made in China
    All product sizes shown are approximate.
    Product coverings may vary from product photographs.

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    Customer Reviews
    (31  reviews)
    Average Rating: 4.8  Stars

    Review By FireGal2539 Verified Buyer
    I love, love, love, love this pillow. I have purchased a total of six in the last 4 years. I have read articles that say to change your pillow every 4 months but I change it every 6 months. I found this pillow at Kohl's at a very deep discount and thought I would give it a try. I have never bought another pillow since then. I have had multiple back, neck and shoulder surgeries and this is the only pillow that I don't wake up in excruciating pain. It supports my head, keeping it even with my shoulder, I am a side sleeper. I actually keep an extra on my closet shelf so that I don't have to wait for it to be delivered. It is a breeze to wash and it is so comfortable. You can mold it to the way you want. Don't ever stop making this pillow, or let me know if you do so I can buy 6 more. Thanks for an amazing product.

    Review By kevinmbruce Verified Buyer
    Waited a bit before reviewing this pillow as I was unsure if this pillow would be best for me. Just from looking at it upon arrival, it was thick with a soft cover and looked great for a side sleeper like me. However upon the first week it was slightly firmer than what I expected. I wasn't entirely disappointed as it still had some plump oomph feel to it but instead of continuing to use it, I parked it. 2 weeks later, I used it again but this time as a pillow for the couch and it felt much better than when I first experienced. That same night I decided to give it a chance for bedtime sleeping and it was much much much more satisfying. I would compare it to a pillow you would find at a 4 star hotel. This would have been a 5 but perhaps my pillow was in storage for too long and wasn't in its natural feel.

    Review By olive15 Verified Buyer
    I shop for alot of pillows, for my fibromyalgia , and mostly my neck pain from disc disease.. I love this pillow.. it meets my high standards of squishy & supportive!! love it

    Review By Dannyfanny Verified Buyer
    This is the pillow that I have been waiting for. Sot but firm, it is just great to wrap my arms around it and withing minutes I'm sleeping, and sleeping throughout the night. Highely recommended. I'm about to order another.

    Review By whitlanabrock Verified Buyer
    This pillow is amazing, I look forward to going to bed!

    Review By Jon Verified Buyer
    Throw down the faux down. Great pillows!. Very comfortable and seem durable and well made. Nothing disappointing about them from this end at all. I'd buy them again

    Review By Happygrany Verified Buyer
    I love love love these pillows! My husband and I have had our pillows for over year. They have held up very well. Soft but gives support. I have bought 2 sets as gifts. My son and his wife love them. They wanted these pillows in king size but they just come in queen. I bought the other set for my parents for Christmas. I will definitely be buying more if and when mine wear out.

    Review By thepugs105 Verified Buyer
    I have ordered the Nature Sleep pillow for every member of my family. It has a 100% satisfaction rate by all. It keeps it shape and fluffs back to its normal shape after using it all night.

    Review By KATHY9 Verified Buyer
    purchased one of these pillows and was so satisfied bought 3 more for guest room.

    Review By Codyblue Verified Buyer
    These pillows are wonderful! They are an alternative to a down pillow and pretty much all down pillows are soft so some of these reviews being upset there wasn't enough support, well, kind of makes sense that an alternative to down would basically mean this isn't a pillow if you are looking for support. With that said though, these pillows rock. I ordered two, then a few weeks later ordered two more and now on my way to order two more. I love them all around me! To hold to squish and just cuddle up with. Oh and mine have not flattened out either!

    Review By bearkare Verified Buyer
    This is a soft pillow. I thought it would have more support. I've used it for about 4 nights now and I like it but I need more firmness as I have neck issues.

    Review By Marbyl Verified Buyer
    I really hated to give up my down pillow but allergies got the best of me. This pillow is extremely comfortable, even for someone who prefers stomach sleeping but also sleeps on her side and back at times. It is a queen but will fit in a standard pillow case.

    Review By CherylNJim Verified Buyer
    Finally I've Found a Pillow! I have been trying for years to find a comfortable pillow....I buy one, get it home, and within days I'm getting headaches again. I have been averaging 4-5 mornings a week that I wake up with a headache, and I just knew it was my pillow! I switch between different pillows, but to no avail. After staying at a hotel recently and LOVING the pillow, I came on here to find one similar. I saw this one and read the reviews and just knew I HAD to try it! Some people even mentioned no more headaches. I bought one for myself and one for my husband. We both love them! Since purchasing them in mid-December, I have not woken up with a headache ONCE! What a relief! I would highly recommend this. It surprised me because it seems hard when you examine it, but it is obviously giving me the support I need. I would buy this again.

    Review By Ray Verified Buyer
    I loved my old down pillow. The one I had since I was a child. Recently I became allergic to down. I've tried so many faux down pillows and this is the first I ever felt that was truly similar to my soft cushy down pillow I used to enjoy so well. If you like a soft and pretty flat pillow that molds to your head this is it!

    Review By azbz123 Verified Buyer
    I have a hard time finding the right pillow. I don't sleep on my back, my side, or my stomach. I do a little of everything, and this pillow is great for everything. It seems to hold it's fluff. Great for propping me up in bed or scrunching up when I roll to my stomach. Even better, I wake up in the morning with no horrible neck pains.

    Review By wtsg Verified Buyer
    I have never written a review before but I used reviews to make my decision on this product so I feel I need to write one too. I have spent lots of money on pillows over the past 10 yrs and have been very unhappy with them. I absolutely love this pillow! It is the best pillow ever, no more headaches! I may buy some for my grown children for Christmas.

    Review By LadyAnneBelle Verified Buyer
    Both my husband & I love the pillows & we are very satisfied with them. They are not to soft not to firm and as Goldilocks would say "they are just right".

    Review By Chawnse Verified Buyer
    This pillow is great! I sleep much better and don't awake with sore neck issues since I got it. The case that is on it can be removed by a zipper. It is not 2" like another person commented and is actually very fluffy while shaping around your head. I love it so much that I am ordering another one!

    Review By Essel Verified Buyer
    We love the pillows. I bought 4! They are soft, hold a good shape and gave us both a great night sleep!

    Review By Kristi Verified Buyer
    Well, I thought I was spoiled with the contouring comfort of my memory foam pillow, until I tried this faux down pillow. This one is really super soft and reminded me of those squishy neck pillows. I am a stomach and side sleeper and this pillow is very comfortable and just like the model is doing in the picture – huggable. I also appreciate that this pillow is as soft as down, yet hypoallergenic. I’ve never had a pillow with an embroidered logo on a velour cover – a nice touch! Underneath the cotton cover is a cotton encasement for dual protection against allergens and dust mites.

    Review By syracusegal Verified Buyer
    I made the mistake of sharing this pillow with my boyfriend. Now, I am ordering more because I will never see the day of getting it back. It has kept its composition and is very easy to clean. Its super comfortable. I'm a stomach sleeper and my boyfriend is a back sleeper. I LOVE this pillow!

    Review By ratherdisappointed Verified Buyer
    I was looking for a decent pillow when I came across these. I was trying to find a mid range price pillow but that still gave me the support I needed. I am getting a better night sleep with these but would like more support

    Review By Wendy Verified Buyer
    I'm one of those people who take their pillow with them if they go anywhere overnight, away from home. I didn't used to understand why people do that, but I realized it a few years ago. I'm very particular about my pillow - it has to be perfect. I don't get to spend alot of time in bed, so I want quality sleep. A pillow plays a vital part in that. I've had the same down pillow for years and to be honest, it's on it's last legs. I chose the Faux Down Pillow. It's filled with microgel fibers that are just make you relax when you use it. It's squishy, soft and perfect. No matter how much I scrunch it and move in my sleep, the pillow does it's job. I've had some of the best sleep the past few weeks and hubby can keep his hands off. It comes with a soft and cuddly zippered covered, beautifully embroidered. Best of all - it's machine washable! I'm totally in love with this pillow and with a three year warranty, I can easily see myself taking this one with me, as well. I used to wake up with a crick in the neck, but since I've been using the Nature's Sleep pillow, I've woken up refreshed and pain-free, even when I only get a few measly hours.

    Review By suezoo65 Verified Buyer
    A good pillow but a little firmer would be better for me.

    Review By Marla Verified Buyer
    This pillow is hypo-allergenic and is ideal for side and back sleepers, like myself! I love the super soft outer cover, and the embroidered Nature's Sleep logo on the pillow is elegant! The outer cover comes off and the inner pillow is machine washable. Night after night, I have enjoyed peaceful sleep, thanks to the microfiber gel clusters inside the pillow that conform to the shape of my head and neck to offer optimum support while I'm sleeping. This hands down is the best pillow, I have EVER owned!

    Review By Qtek9 Verified Buyer
    I just love this pillow. I am very picky when it comes to being comfortable in bed. I have purchased many other pillows and finally I have found the one pillow that is soft with perfect support for any sleeping positions while maintaining its shape. Overall, I was so happy with the pillow, I decided to order another set just to have as backup.

    Review By MicheleAnn Verified Buyer
    Great pillow. I am very particular about pillows - first time ordering online. I LOVE it, the cover is a plus and recommend it. Also they were shipped immediately to me.

    Review By Kiickster Verified Buyer
    A pillow that finally delivers on helping us get a great night of sleep, COMFORT + !!

    Review By MadreJen Verified Buyer
    I am VERY picky about my pillows - not too firm, not too soft. Both my husband & I agree that we LOVE these pillows. They are thick and have a great feel to them. The covers are also very nice. We're buying more pillows

    Review By Donna the Realtor Verified Buyer
    I have been a "down pillow" purest all my life. I was skeptical about a down alternative product but was pleased beyond my expectation. If you have to give up down, this is the answer!

    Review By jessica from Boca Raton Florida Verified Buyer
    I love these pillows.. They are so soft and comfey. I am highly alergic to down and these pillows are just as soft and great