Aerated ViscoLite Dual Pillow

Average Rating: 4.8 Stars

Price:  $120.00   
Aerated Memory Foam on one side and plush Faux Down on the other. Sleep on the Aerated ViscoLite Dual Pillow, the best pillow for both worlds. It's soft and huggable while pressure relieving for your shoulder and spine on both sides.
  • A unique combination of our Aerated Visco technology and FauxDown in one pillow!
  • One side is our plush FauxDown and the other our responsive Aerated ViscoLite memory foam.
  • Nature’s Sleep’s Proprietary Aerated ViscoLite Formulation softer more moldable
  • Molds softly and comfortably to support the shoulders and spine
  • Minimizes pressure points to reduce stress
  • Unique Pressure Relieving and Contouring properties properly align your head and neck
  • Relief from common insomnia, snoring, neck and back pain
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and dust-mite resistant
  • Luxuriously smooth allergen resistant 100% cotton velour
  • Removable and washable for easy care
  • Designed in the USA, Made in China.
  • Solid molded Aerated ViscoLite memory foam pillow (not shredded foam) on one side and our FauxDown technology on the other.
  • Nature’s Sleep proprietary Aerated ViscoLite memory foam
  • High density pressure relieving memory foam with a softer feel
  • Traditional shape
  • 100% cotton cover
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
    Shipping & Handling is Free
    Ships within 1-2 business days
    Manufactured by Nature's Sleep
    Designed in the USA
    Made in China
    All product sizes shown are approximate.
    Product coverings may vary from product photographs.

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    Customer Reviews
    (6  reviews)
    Average Rating: 4.8  Stars

    Review By Erroll Verified Buyer
    So squishy and nice. Fluffy but almost like a jelly bean. Quickly forms a nice padding where you lay your had and after 2 months of use, it has no signs of going flat. Perfect perfect for me a side sleeper. Think of a pillow in jersey sheets, this is quite that!

    Review By Secret miss Verified Buyer
    Got this pillow to drastically improve my horrid slepping and with just a month I am impressed at what it has done for me. Not a cheap pillow that will go dead or soft in a few days, as this has held up and always rose to its original shape when my head is off the pillow. Very good. The two sides of the pillow are noticeable different; I had to break in one side more than the other though.

    Review By Joylani Verified Buyer
    I recently purchased a new bedroom set and a new pillow was the last thing I needed to complete the room. I like unique but very useful things so I found this pillow and ordered it shortly. They are within a median price of what a memory foam pillow should cost and the feel is comfortable that each night is well deserved shut eye. It is a nice mix with my satin sheets as well. My only wish was that I wanted it to be bigger.

    Review By JesstheBess Verified Buyer
    This pillow feels so amazing, like marshmallows. I wanted to put them in pillow protectors originally but that made them very hard. I would recommend just using an ordinary pillow case over them. The pillow just catches your head with ease. Superior pillow than what you will find in department stores.

    Review By ItsTravis Verified Buyer
    This pillow was an amazing idea. Whoever thought of it was a genius. Instead of buying two seperate pillows, this is a combination of two different feels in one! The cover is nice and seude like which is very soft and calm whenever you rest your head on it. Foam is very supportive whenever I sleep and never sags. So good

    Review By TonyaTay Verified Buyer
    My last pillow was a different brand memory foam contour pillow which was good for my type of sleeping for the first 5 months but I soon began to develop harsh pain in my neck. I have been on a pillow quest as I am a side and back sleeper and I had painful stiff neck in the mornings because of my sleeping movement. I got this pillow in hope of resolving my pain. Within the first week I had been recovering smoothly and all my ailing were going away. I have noticed with this pillow too that it has little holes in it perhaps to make it breathe better. I am so grateful I found this pillow. Very well-designed indeed!