8" Jupiter Memory Foam Mattress

Average Rating: 4.9 Stars

Price:  $900.00   
Mattress Size: 
8” Jupiter Mattress - The mattress that started it all. Our Original 8” memory foam mattress features 3” of Nature’s Sleep standard moderate density visco elastic memory foam. The mattress contours to you the moment your body hits it.
  • Rated Comfort: Medium
  • Proprietary combination of Nature’s Sleep Next Generation Visco Memory Foam
  • Pressure relieving comfort from edge to edge for optimal support
  • Naturally conforms to your body weight and temperature 
  • Evenly distributes weight to relieve pressure points and reduce pain for a better nights sleep
  • Ideal mattress for those that suffer from illnesses that cause sleeplessness
  • Embossed, allergen-resistant removable and washable cover with non-skid bottom
  • Provides a medium and supportive feel
  • Free Shipping
  • This Memory Foam Mattress is Eco-Friendly and CertiPUR-US® approved
  • Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • 3” standard moderate density visco elastic memory
  • 5" moderate density support core
  • CertiPUR-US® approved.
  • Washable Cotton Blend Cover
  • All product sizes shown are approximate.

  • CertiPur-US Certified
    20 Year Limited Warranty
    Shipping & Handling is Free
    Ships within 1-2 business days
    Manufacturer by Nature's Sleep
    Designed in the USA
    Produced in both USA & China
    All product sizes shown are approximate.
    Product coverings may vary from product photographs.

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    Customer Reviews
    (9  reviews)
    Average Rating: 4.9  Stars

    Review By iSaiah Verified Buyer
    Was firmer than I expected it to me. Called customer support and they recommended me to let it sit in a warmer room and walking on it to get it more reactive. Worked and feels a lot better. Glad I called in instead of worry about it. Very helpful staff and great company.

    Review By RachaelGibbons Verified Buyer
    For the price it is a great bed. A little firmer than I would have expceted but it did significantly reduce my aches and pains. Day by day it is getting much more snuggly.

    Review By Lady Hibiscus Verified Buyer
    For the price it is a great bed. A little firmer than I would have expceted but it did significantly reduce my aches and pains. Day by day it is getting much more snuggly.

    Review By Georgia2Chicago Verified Buyer
    In my journey of getting a new mattress, I had recently discovered that my sleeping preference was ultimately defined as in the middle of the road, Ive tried testing out soft and hard mattresses in stores but all felt equally comfortable and I couldn’t even decide which was slightly better. I had been reading my favorite blog and saw that it was reviewing a Natures sleep mattress with high acclaim. I decided to check out their site and see their options. All their models looked great but I narrowed it down to this Jupiter mattress and for the price, it was a great bargain. I could not be more satisfied with the mattress. I’m “big-boned” and the mattress does not sag and keeps its shape. The comfort is what I expected from memory foam compared to a traditional mattress. Much cheaper than the alternative and a great mattress to boot.

    Review By toriaxobby Verified Buyer
    Great mattress. I love this bed. I purchased this because I needed a new mattress for my new place after graduation and it was my first big purchase. Had to get accustomed in the first night but every night after that I have had a good night sleep. I guess I made the educated choice. :)

    Review By DallasCrystal Verified Buyer
    Why haven't more people purchased and reviewed this mattress?! We got it in last week and absolutely love it. It is such a great value. You do have to put the frame together- the hardest part is getting the fabric cover over the frame- so don't give up but you definitely need two people to do that. I was worried it would be too firm, but it is not, very comforatable. And BIG - you may not even need a box frame, could put on a platform bed or on a regular bed on plywood because the mattress is so nice and thick. There is also a removable, washable mattress cover which is important to us because of allergies.

    Review By Margery Verified Buyer
    Bought this bed about a month ago, after returning another recently purchased bed. LOVE it! Back pain is so much better and sleep seems to be more restful. When one of us turn, the other doesn't feel it. Assembling the frame was pretty easy but you need two for the final 1/2. Well worth the money. It feels very firm at first but after one night you'll love it.

    Review By HM Verified Buyer
    I've had my mattress for a week and a half. I was looking to replace my sunken 9 year old pillow top mattress with a higher density memory foam after I slept a few nights on a Tempurpedic Rhapsody while I was visiting family. I searched out that bed and found out it was a high density memory foam. In the past, I have not liked memory foam because I sink right in and feel like I have to climb back out, so it made sense to me that I liked the denser variety. This mattress was the highest density I could find at an affordable price. Unfortunately, I could not find many reviews, a couple here, and also I found reviews for a hotel in Miami that uses Nature's Sleep beds, and many of the hotel reviews mentioned the comfy beds. Anyway, I took the plunge and ordered it. I find it to definitely be a FIRM memory foam. After laying on the bed for awhile, it softens up around your body and cradles it. This is good and bad - good because it makes for a comfortable sleep, bad because I am SO comfortable when I wake up in the morning that I don't want to get out of bed! I have heard that memory foam softens up over time, so I am definitely okay with it being on the firm side now while it's new (because I won't mind if it softens up a little, but also like it the way it is now). I am really happy with my mattress. If anything goes wrong, I will update.

    Review By Leah Murphy Verified Buyer
    My husband and I have back problems and were looking for a memory foam mattress after hearing good things about it. We chose this from Nature's Sleep because of positive reviews we found online and decided to purchase one. The bed came in a few days and was very high quality (much better than some we had seen in stores). The mattress has greatly helped our back pain and we are back now to offer a review. The mattress has a great price, great feel, and great support!