Ultimate Adjustable Power Foundation

Ultimate Adjustable Power Foundation

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Position IS everything in life, and that's what you get with the an Ultimate Adjustable Power Base. Imagine reading or watching TV in bed without a mess of pillow to prop you up. With just the touch of a button your head and feet can be elevated to that just right, just perfect position. Want to reduce snoring, breathe better, improve the circulation in your body, legs and feet, this base is for you.

Features & Benefits

  • Unlimited Adjustable positions
  • Wireless Back lite remote control
  • Dual independent head and foot massagers
  • Ideal to read, watch TV or use your laptop in bed
  • Reduces snoring by opening breathing passages
  • Improves health and circulation
  • Reduces tension and stimulates blood flow
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Specifications & Other Info


  • Dual Massage
  • Wallhugger Design
  • Back lit Wireless Handwand
  • Ultra Quiet DC Operating system
  • Multiple Program Features
  • 4" Legs with casters
  • Headboard Brackets Available

Other Info

3 Year Limited Warranty
Ships within 3-7 business days
Designed, Manufacturer and made in the USA
All product sizes shown are approximate.
Product coverings may vary from product photographs.

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