EcoLinens for Hospitals

Hospital linen costs quickly pile up due to laundry services, rentals and replacements. But cost-cutting measures can lead to inferior linens or shortages, resulting in unhappy patients, stressed staff and reduced quality of care.

That's why Nature's Sleep developed EcoLinens, a line of disposable Viscose products that reduce costs and complications associated with the care of hospital linens. EcoLinens provide an affordable and reliable alternative, while supporting healthy patients and a healthier environment.

Disposable & Cost-Effective

Our disposable linens are made from 100% viscose material (wood pulp) and are certified biodegradable and compostable. You'll spend less in the long-term for laundering and procurement.

Convenient & Reliable

Because they're readily available, our nonwoven linens are also more convenient, allowing for faster hospital room turnovers. And their durable, hygienic construction provides consistent performance and protection.

We offer two lines of EcoLinens:

Nonwoven Viscose Linens
  • Eco-friendly, disposable product that consists of 100% viscose raw material
  • Chlorine-free and approved by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)
  • Naturally breathable material that helps prevent the feeling of perspiration
  • Highly hygienic product approved by hospitals
  • High wet and dry strength for superior durability – lasting up to 7 days of usage or more
Leak-Proof Nonwoven Viscose Linens
  • An added liquid-impervious bio-film layer made from Mater-Bi (corn)
  • 100% leak-proof against all liquids without time limit
  • Provides consistent barrier quality and performance that only single-use products can
  • Helps protect against viruses, infectious diseases, microorganisms, germs and bacteria
  • Improves sanitary conditions in hospitals and helps prevent strike-through contamination

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