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Hours in front of your computer at home while surfing Pinterest and at work answering e-mails, take their toll on your back and neck.While going to the spa and getting a relaxing massage can help soothe those tense muscles, sleeping on the right pillow can help prevent them. 

How many times during the night do you fluff your pillow because it’s become too flat? Do you find yourself using a pile of pillows to achieve a comfortable position?

Trying to sleep on a lumpy pillow is like trying to sleep on LEGOs under your sheets, next to impossible. Want to improve your quality of sleep and pamper your back and neck, try a memory foam pillow! A memory foam pillow is the perfect pillow for anyone with head or neck issues. Properties of the memory foam allow it to contour to your neck and shoulders relieving those painful pressure points.

Memory foam pillows are usually denser than feather pillows or regular foam pillows, which makes it heavier and more supportive. When you turn over or re-position yourself, the pillow adjusts with your position.

Benefits of a memory foam pillow:
  • Supports you by conforming to your shape based on your weight and temperature
  • Aligns your spine, head and neck and relaxes your muscles
  • Hypo-allergenic , anti-bacterial and resistant to dust mites
  • Reduces snoring
  • Don’t get lumpy or uneven like regular pillows
  • Memory foam pillows is very durable and lasts longer than traditional pillows 
  • Increases blood flow which helps reduce headaches

Pillows are an important element to getting a good night’s rest and allowing your body to recover and recharge.  The features of a memory foam pillow make sleeping easier and more comfortable. Our pillows are made with solid molded memory foam (not shredded foam) and high density pressure relieving memory foam.

When was the last time you replaced your pillow?

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