Wood Mattress Support Foundation

If you have recently purchased, or are thinking about getting a new memory foam mattress for your bed, you might also want to consider updating your wood foundation. Almost all the mattresses sold today are one sided and are not flippable, so it is imperative that they are placed on a smooth flat surface or on a good conditioned foundation in order to support both you and the mattress and to maximize the lifespan of the mattress.

The Nature’s Sleep all wood foundations are specifically designed to be used with all of our memory foam mattresses. While you can use another foundation, it must be a smooth, solid, flat surface in order for you to get the most out of your mattress. If your current foundation is not in the best condition, or is a different size than your memory foam mattress, it is recommended that you replace your foundation.

Squeaking is a sign of weak joints in a foundation so if you recognize this sign, replace your foundation. Broken slats and springs are also signs that a wood foundation will not properly support your memory foam mattress. Also, if your foundation is sagging or bowed, it is time for a new one.

Nature’s Sleep offers a KD all wood foundation that will provide both you and your mattress with the proper support. The foundation requires assembly, but arrives in one single carton to your front door and can be put together with only a screwdriver in only a few short minutes. The Nature’s Sleep all wood foundation, once assembled is actually stronger that a preassembled foundation you might buy as the Nature’s Sleep wood foundation is put together with wood screws and not just stapled together.

When you have invested in a memory foam mattress, you are saying that you are want quality and sound sleep for years to come. However, if you don’t update your wood foundation, you are taking a chance that your new mattress will not last as long as it should. When you place your new memory foam mattress on an old foundation, if the surface is wavy or uneven, the mattress could contour to that poor quality surface and also become uneven and wavy potentially affecting the quality of your sleep, exactly the opposite of why you made your purchase in the first place.

Don’t take that chance. Get a new wood foundation to go with your new Nature’s Sleep memory foam mattress. Sleep well tonight knowing that you have protected your investment and your good night’s sleep for years to come.