Think you're too busy to get enough sleep? You should reconsider. It is essential that your body gets proper rest so that it can function properly. Depriving your body of sleep can have drastic effects  on it, both mental and physical. 

Why is getting a full night's rest important?

  • A Healthier Heart- Not getting enough sleep can deprive your cardiovascular system of the rest it needs. When you sleep deeply your heart rate and blood pressure slow down. Your heart rate actually drops by about 10%. Sleep deprivation may actually increase your blood pressure, in the long run! This is also due to the fact that it encourages the release of stress hormones, which can take a definitive toll on your body
  • Your Hormones Can Do Their Job- Speaking of hormones, night is the time when some hormones get most of their work in. Cellular hormones are produced while you sleep. These hormones boost the immune system and allow it to fight against infection. They also aid the body's healing process. Leptin, an appetite suppresso, is also produced while you are catching zzZ's.
  • Improves your mood-  Not getting enough sleep even affects your attitude. If you are tired, you tend to be irritable and short-tempered. Maybe even sad. A chronic lack of sleep may lead to depression.
  • Better Learning and Memory- When you are getting enough sleep, your brain functions better. While sleeping, the brain forms new memory and learning pathways.This results in the brain having improved capabilities to transform long-term memory into short-term memory.

Proper sleeping habits will change your life. Make sure that you give your body enough time to sleep and get the rest it needs.  Do you feel restored after a good night's sleep?