Since the 1990s, memory foam has become increasingly popular among consumers, and marketed as a veritable source of pain relief. Memory foam toppers were introduced first, and were quickly followed by memory foam mattresses. Lying down on a memory foam bed has been described as feeling like one is slowly "melting" into bed. But what exactly is memory foam, and what makes it so revolutionary?

Memory foam is actually a by-product of scientific investigations into space travel. It was developed by NASA while undertaking a project to find ways to protect astronauts from G-force experienced during lift-off. After realizing that memory foam was able to evenly distribute one's weight (which resulted in less pressure points, and less body pain and discomfort) better than any other substance known to man, scientists began to consider other possible uses for memory foam.

Wondering exactly how memory foam works? Memory foam is a polyurethane derived visco-elastic material. When you lie down, memory foam first depresses and then convalesces, slowly contouring itself to the body. Memory foam's open cell design releases air pressure into adjoining cells, which decreases pressure points. Memory foam is also a temperature-sensitive  material. It is firmer when cool, and softens when heated, which allows the mattress to conform itself to your body. This is what makes memory foam different, and better than a traditional mattress. Memory foam's amazing capabilities are the reason many are choosing to forgo traditional mattresses in lieu of its improved design. You deserve a better night's sleep! Try one of our memory foam mattresses or toppers today to start experiencing the best sleep of your life. Have you made the switch yet?