Did you know the position in which you sleep could reveal your personality? According to body language experts, your sleep position may be more insightful than you think. Your sleep position reveals traits about your personality, such as bossiness, stubbornness, being self-critical, and whether or not you feel in control of your life. 

A study of 1,000 sleepers, conducted by Premier Inns found that there are 4 basic types of sleepers: the fetal, the log, the yearner and the free-faller. Below is a description of each position and the personality each represents.

The Fetal Position

The most popular of sleep positions is this one. If you curl up on your side into somewhat of a ball, then you are in the majority. Almost half of the participants in the study get into this position as soon as they get into bed.

The typical behavior pattern of a person sleeping in this position is someone who is seeking comfort and is a constant worrier. During their waking hours they are very meticulous, most likely overthinking their tasks and daily lives in general.

Fetal Position

The Log Position

Nearly 30 percent of the participants in the study slept like a "log", which is a vertical position having arms at the sides. The personality of a person who favors this sleep position tends to be someone who is rigid in his or her daily life. They are usually stubborn and "set in their ways." To other people they sometimes seem bossy and aloof.

A person who typically sleeps in this position often finds themselves stiffer and in more pain than before they went to bed. Since their muscles are more taut while they are sleeping, their muscles may not be getting the proper rest. A good remedy for the log sleeper would be a mattress designed to relax those stiff muscles. A good remedy for the log sleeper would be a mattress designed to relax those stiff muscles, such as the Cayman Gel Memory Foam Mattress. Otherwise, they may be trying to find time during their waking hours to relax.

Log Position

The Yearner

This is the position that nearly 20 percent of the participants preferred. If you sleep on your side with your arms outstretched in front of you then you are sleeping in the yearner position. The yearners are those who wake up in the morning with enthusiasm to start their day and chase their dreams.

The study found that although this group of sleepers went after their dreams, they did not have any real focus and tended to be chronic time wasters. Also, some yearners are not chasing their dreams, but have the feeling they are being chased.

Yearner Sleep Position

The Free-fall Position

If you sleep face down on your stomach, with arms and legs outstretched in a free-fall position, it may mean that you are seeking control of time and space in a way that you do not feel you have in your waking hours. This position had the least amount of participants at only 15 percent. These sleepers tend to get the least amount of rest during their nighttime sleep, as most mattresses aren't engineered for this subset of the population. Luckily, we have revolutionized the mattress industry by designed a mattress specifically to address the needs of a stomach sleeper - the Emerald Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Free-Fall Sleep Position


A couple of other positions were mentioned as well, such as those who sleep on their back in a starfish position with arms and legs outstretched. These people may be more open, and make better friends than the logs. Also worth noting is the soldier sleeper (aka back sleeper), who tends to be more quiet and reserved, and sets high standards for himself and others. Since the soldier and the starfish both sleep on their backs, they tend to snore and have other breathing issues throughout the night. These sleepers would greatly benefit from the Glacier Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

Another fascinating finding from this study is that people who sleep on the left side of the mattress have a brighter outlook on life. They have an easier time handling the daily stresses of life, and also work harder than those who sleep on the right side.

Was your sleep position in alignment with your personality? Drop us a line below to let us know!