You know about the important of a good mattress and supportive pillow, but have you ever considered the way that your wardrobe affects your sleep? When you sleep, you change positions multiple times during the night, and what you wear to bed can definitely affect how well you rest. Here are some pros and cons to different styles of pajamas:



  • A long nightgown: It keeps you warm from head to toe, but it can twist around you when you move and make you uncomfortable.
  • A large t-shirt: A soft, large t-shirts can be comfy, but doesn't provide warmth to your lower body. 
  • Two-piece pajamas: They are cozy, especially in a soft fabric, but when you move, loose pant bottoms stick to the sheets.
  • Underwear only: It's least encumbering to sleep, but it can get cold! 

There's no perfect sleepwear that's just right for everyone. It's solely based on preference! The next time you tuck in for a good night's sleep, note how what you're wearing affects your quality of rest. Was your sleep disrupted by a wardrobe malfunction? Choosing the right nighttime wear for you will greatly improve your night's sleep, and is ultimately up to you! 

What kind of pajamas are your favorite?