How many of you enjoy a midnight snack or find yourself craving a snack before you climb into bed? You’re not alone! There seems to be something wired in your tummy that often causes it to rumble before going to sleep. This occurs frequently with children that want something sweet before drifting off to the land of dreams, or use snacks as a delay tactic.

Most of us know that eating before bedtime is not the healthiest or smartest decision, but many of us (including me) will do it anyway.  Did you know that research has shown eating foods high in sugar before bedtime can give you nightmares? 

Here are a few tips of foods to avoid before bedtime, so you don’t affect your quality or quantity of Zzzzzs:

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Spicy Foods
  • Cereal
  • Chocolate
  • Ice Cream
  • Pasta 
  • Celery 
  • Pizza
  • Red Meat


While you might think alcohol helps you sleep, in reality it doesn't, and can cause you to wake up thirsty and dehydrated.  Caffeine works as both a stimulant and diuretic, so not only does it suppress melatonin and confuse your body, it will also cause you to make more trips to the bathroom.

Chocolate is often a favorite treat before bedtime, especially when left on your pillow in a hotel, but remember its high in sugar and a stimulant that can make your heart race and prevent you from falling asleep. (Save it for breakfast instead)

Yes, those enchiladas and salsa tasted fantastic, but the heartburn that follows is a lot less fun. Eating spicy foods before bedtime increases your risk of heartburn, which makes sleeping difficult.  Pizza is another food known to cause heartburn symptoms and indigestion.If you’re going to eat red meat, bedtime is a bad idea, because your body will need to work to aid with digestion, which can affect your sleep.

Cereal when eaten with milk can be a good bedtime snack, if it’s not high in sugar. Ice cream is full of fat and high in sugar, so that moment on your lips is headed straight for your hips! The carbs in pasta are great for providing you with energy during the day or before a workout, but before bedtime they will keep you tossing and turning.(even on a memory foam mattress)

What is your favorite bedtime snack?

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