Have you ever been so tired when you were driving that you almost fell asleep? You know when you would almost rather get in a car accident and die so you could sleep? OKAY maybe not to that extreme, but I know there are some super-tired students, moms, and hard-working Americans that have!


We all know driving and being tired is a very dangerous combination. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), around 100,000 car accidents each are due to people falling asleep at the wheel each year. These car accidents have resulted in 1,500 deaths and over 70,000 injuries annually, not to mention the significant amounts of property damage each year. These statistics are staggering, and can absolutely be prevented.

6 Tips To Keep You From Falling Asleep When You Drive

  1. TAKE A QUICK NAP: If at any point you are feeling tired or fatigued, do not hesitate to pull over to refresh or even take a nap if necessary. A rush of caffeine is not always the answer to helping you stay awake while driving. Nothing can be of more help than natural rest to help your re-energize. I keep a Nature's Sleep memory foam pillow in my car so I can take a quick power nap when I am on the road!
  2. BRING A FRIEND: Bring company with you if you are planning a long drive. Having a traveling partner can help you stay alert and you will have someone to split the drive with. Sometimes the constant yammering of a loved one can keep you alive!
  3. MAKE PLANNED STOPS: When planning a long distance car journey, make sure you plan an overnight stop either at a hotel or a bed and breakfast. When you map out your directions calculate where you should be by mid-afternoon and make reservations ahead of time. This will help your trip be more enjoyable and allow you start the morning off with high energy.
  4. KEEP YOUR SLEEP SCHEDULE: Do not plan to travels to start or finish around your usual bedtime since this will disrupt your sleeping pattern and your circadian rhythm.
  5. WATCH WHAT YOU EAT: Do not plan a heavy meal before taking a handling an automobile, heavy foods containing a high fat content are know to make people sluggish, even when they have had enough sleep. While you are traveling, keep yourself hydrated with a lot of water and snack on fruit or even a little chocolate to keep that energy level up.
  6. RELAX: A long or hectic day can be destructive to your commute home. If you've had an especially hectic day, take some time to relax and give yourself a mental break. The anxiety of your day may cause you to lose the awareness and focus that you require to make that trip home.
  7. GET GOOD REST: I think the most important tip many of us neglect to do is to get a good night's sleep! That is where Nature's Sleep can help you. Not only will you sleep in a cloud of comfort, but you will get quality sleep with a memory foam mattress. We have quite the selection of mattresses for every body type & firmness preference!

Once you are done with your drive, it's important to get enough rest before attempting to drive again. Sometimes a drive of just a few hours can take a large toll on a person. Hopefully your destination has a Nature's Sleep memory foam mattress and pillows. A memory foam mattress will help your body to rest and readjust after sitting in the same positing for too long. A memory foam pillow will go a long way with allowing your neck the support it needs after a long drive with no support.

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