When nature calls, you have to answer, but if you suffer from overactive bladder then you know that nature can sometimes call too frequently and too late at night! A great mattress can significantly improve your quality of sleep, but if you suffer from an overactive bladder, you can feel defeated when it comes to your quantity of sleep. Overactive bladder can keep you from sleeping solidly through the night due to the nagging feeling of having to "go". Constantly waking up and getting out of bed to go to the bathroom is frustrating, especially when you wake up feeling tired in the morning because of being up many times in the night. However, if you suffer from an overactive bladder there are a few things you can do to improve your quantity (and quality) of sleep! Here are three tips to help you combat your overactive bladder so that you can get a restful night's sleep:

  • Cut back on your intake of diuretics - Diuretics increase urine production and can be found in a variety of food and drink. Caffeine and alcohol are both natural diuretics, so try drinking caffeine-free drinks and cutting back on late-night alcohol consumption! There are also fruits and vegetables that are natural diuretics, such as pineapple, watermelon, asparagus, and artichokes.
  • Add pumpkin seeds to your diet - Along with being delicious, pumpkin seeds are shown to improve bladder health! A serving size as small as 1/8 cup of pumpkin seeds contains about 50% of the required daily amount of several nutrients, including tryptophan, a sleep-friendly amino acid.
  • Moderate late afternoon and evening liquid consumption - Your body takes time to process the liquids you ingest, and what you drink in the afternoon can still affect you later in the night. Moderate what you drink and how often you drink in the late afternoon and evening. Cutting back on unnecessary liquid consumption starting around 4 p.m. will help cut back on that urgent feeling to "go" later at night! (Remember: cut back on unnecessary drinking, but stay hydrated. Dehydration can also lead to sleep deprivation!)

Losing sleep due to an overactive bladder can be disheartening, but it doesn't have to be! Investing in a memory foam pillow and a quality mattress can improve your quality of sleep, and now you can try these three natural ways to improve your quantity of sleep and your bladder health. Do you suffer from overactive bladder? What are some ways that you help combat nature's frequent and inconvenient call late at night?

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