We all know that time late at night when we get kind of hungry and just want to munch on something! But did you know that there are snacks that prevent sleep and heighten the risk of waking up in the middle of the night? Having a good mattress and a pillow that supports you will improve your sleep, but they won't do any good if you're restless because of something you ate! It's important to be acquainted with what snack hinder sleep so that you can avoid them and get the rest you deserve. Here are a few snacks that we've found inhibit a good night's sleep:

  • Chocolate: Chocolate is one of the biggest nighttime snack culprits that hinders your sleep! Chocolate is high in caffeine - especially dark chocolate - and caffeine is a stimulant that keeps you awake! You may try to convince yourself that a few pieces before bed aren't that bad, but they really can prevent you from sleeping at night. Chocolate also contains theobromine, another stimulant that increases your heart rate and makes you restless. A good, sweet alternative to chocolate is cherries (but no, chocolate covered cherries don't count!).
  • Wine: Although alcohol makes some people sleep, alcohol also has a fast metabolic rate. An increased metabolism can cause you to wake up more in the night, lowering your sleep quality. Surprisingly, consuming alcohol before bed can worsen your snoring, which can keep your partner up in the night as well.
  • Spicy foods: Really, not just spicy foods, but any food that you know might cause heartburn. Foods that are really spicy cause heartburn, preventing you from getting good sleep. Opt for a more bland snack to ensure that you will avoid heartburn at night.
  • High-protein foods: Protein takes longer to digest than other foods. When you sleep, your digestion system slows down by at least 50%, meaning that proteins will take even longer to digest than they normally do, which can keep you awake at night. To help you fall asleep faster try eating some carbohydrates with your protein.
What are some things that you like to snack on before bed?