The demand for memory foam products increases every day. However, as memory foam products are growing in popularity it becomes more an more evident how little is actually known about memory foam, it's origin, and it's performance. Here are a few common myths about memory foam that have spread like wildfire, as well as the truth behind them.

  • When it comes to memory foam, thicker is better- The truth is that the optimum range of thickness for the memory foam layer of any mattress is between 2" and 6". If the layer is less than 2", then the memory foam will not respond properly when the user lies down. If this layer is thicker than 6", then the user will feel like they are "sinking" into the  memory foam, an uncomfortable sensation indeed. The number of memory foam companies is constantly growing, and new companies are popping up everyday. Beware of mattress providers that strongly emphasize the thickness of their mattresses as a major selling point. This thickness may be overcompensating for the fact that their mattresses are poorly constructed. 
  • Memory foam was used in space shuttles- This rumor may stem from the fact that memory foam was indeed developed by NASA. Memory foam was created in an experiment to find ways to lessen the impact of G-force on astronauts as they reentered the Earth's atmosphere in 1966. It was never actually used in outer space. The medical benefits of memory foam were quickly recognized. It's earliest uses were actually in X-ray tables, beds, and sports equipment.
  • Memory foam emits a dangerous odor- This odor is actually the "new" smell of memory foam. It  should wear off fairly quickly and is not harmful. U.S. legislations regarding memory foam products are very strict. Our mattresses are uniquely constructed with organic and hygienic materials.
  • Memory foam mattresses get excessively hot- Memory foam mattresses are not, in fact, constructed as openly traditional spring mattresses. However, premium quality mattresses are constructed to allow for maximum air flow throughout the mattress. Nature's Sleep mattresses are even constructed with enlarged cells to provide maximum coolness and comfort.
  • You need a special type of base for a memory foam mattress- Memory foam mattresses can be used on the majority of standard bed bases. However to get the  most out of your memory foam bed we recommend that you use a base specifically designed for  a memory foam mattresses. These bases may ensure that your mattress gives you the best support possible as well as promoting its lifespan.

Now that you have become more  informed about memory foam mattresses, are you ready to make the switch? We offer several different mattresses, each with its own firmness and feel, so find your perfect mattress today!