According to a study by the University of Bristol, 88% of us will fail to keep our New Year’s resolutions. The researchers found that those who are most confident to succeed end up being the ones who throw in the towel a week or two into the New Year. What goes wrong?

Nature's Sleep and you make the jump into 2015

Great Expectations

As you do each and every New Year’s Eve, you counted down the seconds until midnight and then excitingly welcomed in the New Year. Unfortunately, a new year doesn't mean a new you. Dates, months and years are just numbers, whereas we are way more complex than that. Therefore, we set ourselves up for failure almost before the year begins by setting too many unrealistic goals. Chances are, if last year you failed to quit smoking, pay off your credit card debt and volunteer more, you most likely won’t have a different outcome this year. The more goals you set, the less achievable they become. Focus on one key aspect you will fully dedicate yourself to improving, and your chances of success greatly increase.

Gray Matter

According to the American Journal of Health Promotion, the more specific you make your goal, the more attainable it becomes. The #1 goal set by Americans for the New Year is consistently to lose weight. So why are 68% of us still overweight? The problem is that the goal is too vague. Without a well thought out, strategic plan-of-attack, day after day will go by with the ominous “weight loss” cloud still weighing over your shoulders. Imagine you’re driving in your car and decide you want to go somewhere you've never been before, someplace a thousand miles away. You have no map, no GPS and no iPhone to help you get there. Unless you’re a descendant of Christopher Columbus, you probably won’t make it too far without a navigational plan to help you get there. Now apply that same logic to goal setting – without a road map to your destination, you’ll end up lost in the shuffle.

A Man with a Plan

We want to help you think through how you will achieve your New Year’s resolution this year. Let’s say that lack of sleep is something you have been grappling with for a few years, and it’s affecting your mood, stress levels and possibly even causing you aches and pains. Instead of resolving to “get more sleep”, try using the following guide to help you get there:

  1. Set a specific bed time each and every night: this is often the hardest but most critical guideline for adults to follow. We have laundry to fold, a binge-a-thon on TV or you want to meet a friend for late night drinks. Regardless of the reason, they are always there and are the prominent obstacles in the way of a good night sleep. But the laundry can wait until the weekend, you have a DVR and you can meet up with your friend Friday night. Prioritize you and your bedtime.
  2. Invest in a new mattress: perhaps the easiest solution, yet the one we put off the most, is to get rid of that old mattress you always complain about and upgrade to a new bed. Nature’s Sleep excels in providing extremely high quality memory foam mattresses in a variety of densities, heights, feels and looks to suite your unique needs. All of our memory foam mattresses work to cradle your body from your head to your toes, eliminating pressure point that cause neck, shoulder and back pain. But don’t let the sublime comfort and premium quality scare you financially: because of our green manufacturing process and our advantaged technologies, Nature's Sleep mattresses are highly affordable. And with financing available as well, there’s no excuse to delay purchasing a new memory foam mattress!
  3. Say goodbye to your electronics: no, you don’t have to throw them all away, but you do need to remove them from your bedroom. Our subconscious best relaxes in complete darkness, with no glaring from screens in the background. Facebook, your boss’s late night email and the new episode of The Voice truly can all wait until tomorrow.

Remember, New Year’s resolutions are attainable. The greatest obstacle our goals will endure is our lack of commitment to their success. Whether it’s weight loss, financial management or better sleep, remember to set one attainable goal and have a concrete means of getting there. Perhaps we may be biased, but at Natures’ Sleep, we believe the best you will always start with a great night’s sleep.