So you purchased a memory foam mattress and are ready for a great sleep. But before you hit the sheets and go off to dreamland consider this:

Did you know that over 40 billion people in the U.S. have a chronic sleep disorder? This costs employers over $18 billion a year in lost productivity and causes increased diet and depression issues. Your favorite p.m. position could be the reasons for your neck pain, back pain, chronic fatigue and even premature wrinkles.

Here's the inside scoop on the best positions to achieve your best night's sleep on your memory foam mattress, and the positions that you'll want to stay away from.

  • The Best Position for a good night's rest - Sleeping on your back is the best position in which to sleep. This position will help prevent neck and back pain and the gravity will even help to minimize wrinkles on the face (ladies AND gentleman) because you're not pressing your face against a pillow. If you're a frequent heartburn sufferer, this is also an ideal position to keep stomach acid at bay. Sleeping on your back also helps your head, neck and spine to stay in a neutral position so it might help decrease any frequent neck or back pain you might have.  The bad news: if you are a chronic snorer, this may not be the position for your poor partner as this position will increase the volume of your snoring.


  • The Next Best Position for a good night's rest - Sleeping on your side is a position that is good for your overall health and is one that comfortable for many people. This is a better option for those that snore and it helps keep your back elongated for those that have frequent back or neck pain. If you suffer from heartburn, this is the next best position if sleeping on your back is not an option. For anyone that plans on getting pregnant, get used to this position as sleeping on your side is most often recommended to promote proper blood flow. Although, most pregnant women will tell you that by her 2nd or 3rd trimester, there isn't a single sleeping position that is actually comfortable. This is when you hope that you have the best memory foam mattress and an understanding partner.

  • The Worst Position to get a good night's rest - Sleeping on your stomach is the worst position in which to sleep. It forces your neck to be turned in one direction and puts pressure from the pillow on your head and neck. It also makes it difficult for your spine to maintain a healthy, neutral position. If snoring is a major problem, this might be the best position for you despite it's wear on the rest of your body. If you must sleep on your stomach because of snoring problems, a thin pillow is recommended to minimize the pressure that the pillow might place on your neck.



Besides finding the ideal position for your body to get the most comfortable and best night's sleep, you'll want to find the best mattress for your body and pillows that work with your position and comfort level.

Which is your favorite position in which to sleep?