What is more mortifying? Drooling in your sleep or talking in your sleep? I guess it depends on what you say! I know, from personal experience, that my heart has never sunk so fast as when my husband tells me that I was talking in my sleep. Uh oh, what could I have possibly said? Do I hide under my memory foam pillow, or should I ask him what I said? Most of the time he says he doesn't remember, thank goodness, right? Other times he says that I'm laughing or whimpering. What kind of messed up dreams am I having in the middle of the night? Does this sound at all familiar? Studies show that most people talk in their sleep at some point in their lives, especially during childhood.

Go Ahead And Hide Under Your Memory Foam Pillow!

Here's Why We Talk In Our Sleep:

  • Natural Reasons: You may just talk in your sleep because it's normal for you to talk in your sleep. If this is the case, you've got nothing to worry about except for a potentially interesting conversation with your partner in the morning.
  • Sleep Disorders: Sleep terrors and REM Sleep Disorder both cause people to talk and shout in their sleep, especially in a violent manner. It's a good idea to bring these conditions up with your doctor if you are experiencing symptoms of either disorder.
  • Stress: Stress takes it's toll on your body in a number of ways. Weight loss, weight gain, heart palpitations and even talking in your sleep can be stress related. Find a way to unwind before turning in for the night to get better, more restful sleep.
  • Sickness: If your body isn't healthy, it adds a great deal of stress, especially if you are running a fever. Fevers cause a slight degree of delirium, which can translate into talking in your sleep. 

While embarrassing, most sleep talking is completely normal. You might just be one of the lucky ones who likes to chit-chat mid-slumber. It is also important to be sure you don't have a sleep disorder or any other underlying condition that might be causing it. Go ahead and bring it up with your doctor at your next check up just to be on the safe side. If a lack of sleep is causing this embarrassing phenomenon, you might want to look into upgrading your sleep materials. A new memory foam pillow or mattress might help you get more comfortable, therefore allowing you to sleep like a rock...and rocks don't talk! Take a stroll through our online store to pick out your sleep essentials today!