You just got married, the wedding was beautiful, and everyone's talking about how happy you guys look together! You and your spouse, spent your honeymoon having fun, relaxing and talking about the future. Now you're home, back to reality, and sorting through that pile of wedding gifts?

Most likely, the one gift you weren't given was a new mattress. Wouldn't it be a great idea to purchase one to consecrate your marriage? After all, you are newlyweds, so you'll probably be spending a lot of time in the bedroom. So why not start things off right by purchasing a memory foam mattress.

Sleeping together as couple can take some getting used to, as you both learn which side the other prefers, and if either of you is a cover thief. If you and your spouse have been used to sleeping separately, a memory foam mattress is an excellent choice. So when one of you is tossing and turning, your movement won't disturb your spouse! 

While a traditional innerspring mattress may creak or squeak, and shift with the slightest movement, a memory foam mattress doesn't move or make noise. No more elbowing your significant other. Memory foam mattresses contour to each individual body separately which totally eliminates disrupting the person beside you. 

Things Newlyweds Should Consider When Deciding to Purchase a New Bed:

  • You spend a 1/3 of your life sleeping, so make it count
  • You'll toss and turn 75% less on a memory foam mattress than with innerspring mattresses
  • No one wants to get married and spend their new lives sleeping on your old mattress from college, or the bed you bought with your ex-girlfriend
  • A memory foam mattress is quiet, no box springs = no noise when you're intimate (well at least no noise caused by the bed)

One of the biggest mistakes made by couple's mattress shopping is choosing the wrong size. All couples, whether newly married or those married for decades, should choose their new mattress together. Think about what each of you wants in terms of personal space, firmness and support. 

Did you know that when a couple shares a full size mattress or a double, each person has about as much room as in a baby's crib? YIKES! Do you have enough room in your bed?

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