When pregnant, nine months can feel like a lifetime before you get to see the arrival of your little one. Throughout those nine months you may experience many different side effects of pregnancy, such as nausea, swelling, backaches, and more. Many women also experience an inability to sleep due to discomfort. When pregnant and dealing with lack of sleep, those nine months can really seem unbearable. Here are some tips to help make your nights more restful and comfortable throughout pregnancy.

Gentle Exercise

it is important to get enough exercise to prevent joints and muscles from stiffening. This also helps to reduce the severity of leg cramps at night while pregnant. Whether your form of exercise is walking, swimming or a fitness class, if you are pregnant it is recommended that you exercise earlier in the day. By exercising earlier in the day it will ensure your nighttime sleep will not be interrupted.

Sleep Position

Finding a comfortable sleep position while pregnant can be a bit of a challenge. With the babies ever changing weight, finding comfort while sleeping is difficult. A comfortable position to sleep in is on your side with pillows positioned under your knee and belly for added support throughout the night.

Relaxation Techniques

Practicing sleep relaxation techniques such yoga, stretching or meditation can help your body unwind from a taxing day. These techniques will help you fall asleep a little more quickly.

Eat a Small Snack Before Sleeping

Traditionally a woman's appetite will increase while pregnant. The hunger pang can continue well into the night and start up again in the early hours of the morning while you are trying to get in your sleep. To help prevent these nighttime and early morning cravings try consuming a light snack before bedtime. Avoid sugary snacks since these can be stimulating for both you and your baby. Choosing a snack with plenty of protein and carbohydrates will help your tummy feel full for a longer period of time.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are known for helping to alleviate body aches and pains since they are able to bring attention to any pressure points, which can then be relieved. These premium mattresses will support you throughout your pregnancy since memory foam contours to the shape of your body providing maximum comfort levels.

Minimize Fluid Intake Before Bedtime

It is vital to remain hydrated throughout your pregnancy. However, you want to avoid drinking fluids prior to bedtime since it may cause additional trips to the bathroom throughout the night. Pregnant women usually already have a tendency to use the bathroom more frequently due to pressure on the bladder and increased blood flow. Limiting the amount of fluids in the evening will help reduce the number of nighttime trips.

Access to Fresh Air in Your Bedroom

Due to the acceleration of hormones during pregnancy, hot flashes and excess body heat are not uncommon. This can cause discomfort during the night. Having a bedroom window open or a ceiling fan on will allow fresh air to circulate around the room for a more enjoyable sleep.