It seems the more research that is done on sleep the more it reveals how important sleep is to maintain healthiness, even in the world of professional athletes. Most athletes would agree that getting enough sleep is important for optimal sports performance, but until recently this was just a theory without much evidence to back it up. But now researchers are discovering that sleep deprivation can have a direct impact on athletic performance.

At SLEEP2012, Researchers analyzed the sleep habits of 55 NFL draftees and 40 MLB players over three years. Researchers found that athletes in both leagues who reported experiencing high levels of daytime sleepiness were more likely to have shorter careers.  This meant they were less likely to stay with the teams that originally drafted them than players who were better rested, and reported feeling less tired during the day.

For purposes of this study, NFL athletes were asked to fill out a questionnaire that would allow researchers to evaluate the athletes' levels of daytime tiredness. They found that athletes who scored higher for excessive daytime tiredness, meaning those who were more tired during the day, were less likely to stay with the original team that drafted them than players who scored at lower levels for excessive daytime tiredness. Among players who did not get an adequate amount of nighttime sleep and report excessive daytime tiredness, 38 percent stayed with their drafting team, compared to 56 percent of better-rested players.

To study baseball players, researchers presented these athletes with the same questionnaire on sleep and daytime tiredness.  Researchers discovered that those players who reported the highest levels of daytime sleepiness had significantly higher dropout rates from the league. Ballplayers who reported feeling more tired during the day had dropout rates in the range of 57-86 percent, compared to average MLB drop out rates, which are in the range of 30-35 percent.

Deep sleep is essential for muscle recovery, bone mineralization, bouncing back from injuries, among other things, which is one of the reasons why athletes without adequate sleep find themselves on the trading line more often.  Sleep has a direct impact on performance. 

This is important information for team organizations, players, and coaches since encouraging sleep among professional athletes may be one way to enhance and even prolong players' career-long levels of performance.

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