Summer is here. It's scorching hot outside and getting harder(and much more costly!) to keep the house cool. The days are longer and the nights are shorter. The early sunrise and late sunsets, in combination with the extremely warm temperatures may make it harder for some to fall asleep. If this applies to you, then  the following tips may help.

  • Choose Appropriate Bedding- Throw your heaviest blankets in the closet or storage room until the summer ends. Having a too warm blanket can make you restless, or even make it harder for you to fall asleep to begin with. Choose instead, a lighter blanket and  a sheet composed a natural materials. These sheets more  readily absorb moisture  and are extremely breathable. This will allow air to flow through the sheet to your skin. Choose a pillow that's made of  a material that won't get too warm as well.
  • Cool your room before going to bed- You are not going to find it easy to go to sleep in an excessively warm room. Give your room ample time to cool before you lie down to sleep. Leaving a door or window ajar will help promote air circulation throughout your room. Use a fan if necessary. 
  • Cool your body before trying to fall asleep-  Trying to go to sleep when you are feeling hot is really not a good idea. Don't try to cool off with a cold shower. This will have the opposite effect as your pores will immediately close and your body will begin trying to heat itself.  A lukewarm shower will work best.

These tips should help you to sleep soundly in spite of the summer heat. Want to stay even cooler while you sleep? Try one of our gel mattresses such as the Sapphire Gel mattress, which has gel beads infused into the memory foam to keep you even cooler  as you sleep! How do you fall asleep on hot summer nights?