It’s with great sadness today that we remember the life of Moo Moo – trusted friend, product tester, model and memory foam lover.

Moo Moo Mustache

Moo Moo was the inspiration behind many Nature's Sleep products. He is best known for his assistance in the development of the Nature's Sleep memory foam pet bed. And boy did he love his pet bed!

Moo Moo Working Moo Moo Playing

As any pet owner can appreciate, the unconditional love, without judgement, provided by man’s best friend is priceless. We ask you to leave “Mustache Moo’s” a shout-out below, as well as a shout out to your furry best friend.

Moo Moo Biking Moo Moo on Couch

RIP The Moo’s – 15 years went by too soon. Your paw prints will be left on our hearts forever.