Party Animal"Work hard, play hard" is not a full equation. You can't do either very well without a good night's rest. Sleep deprivation negatively effects cognitive performance, including memory recall and decision-making skills. This means that whether you're chatting up someone at the club or trying to close a deal at the office, not getting enough quality sleep is going to put a wrench in your game. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution: a gel memory foam mattress.

Rest and Recover

Just because you can't remember what happened last night doesn't mean your bed will forget you. A memory foam mattress adjusts to your weight and body, so when you crash after a long night out, you're in familiar hands. You'll actually toss and turn 75% less when sleeping on our gel memory foam mattresses. Even if you have to cut your sleeping hours short because of overbooked social time, you'll still get the best rest possible.

Getting Your Game Back

Many people don't realize their low energy or lack of mental concentration isn't only due to lack of sleep, but also an overall low quality of sleep. Studies have found that both can severely limit your ability to pay attention for prolonged periods of time, affecting your conversation skills and more. Taking the time to invest in a quality memory foam bed will pay off in every area of your life, including getting your gift of gab on.

Hit the Hay so You Can Play All Day

For the luckiest among us, the line between work and play isn't hard and fast. Whether you're entertaining clients with dinner and drinks, or performing in front of an audience, living life to the fullest requires a well-rested brain. Real rest happens in deep sleep, which is only really possible when the body is comfortable, cradled like a baby in the supportive yet cushioned embrace of a quality bed. Check out what makes Nature's Sleeps' gel foam memory mattress different and then notice the dramatic difference it makes in your own life.