How long has it been since you bought new sheets for your memory foam mattress? If it has been longer than you can remember, it might be time to freshen up your bedroom. Refreshing your bedroom doesn't require you to knock down any walls or buy all new furniture. It just requires a little TLC on your part, and perhaps a day or two of your time.

5 Simple Ways To Freshen Up Your Bedroom (& make your memory foam mattress stand out!)

  1. Declutter: Clutter is one of the number 1 mood killers in a bedroom. If my bedroom is messy, I just want to turn around and sleep on the couch! Start by clearing off night stands and dressers. Only have out your essentials and things that you use every day. Everything else should be put away in a drawer or cabinet. Out of sight is the best place for clutter!
  2. Paint: You don't need to paint your entire bedroom in order to freshen it up, unless you really want to. Painting just one wall, or even the ceiling, can help change the look and feel of your room drastically. Pick an inviting shade like a soft purple or blue or a warm earth tone.
  3. New Bedding: This is my favorite way to freshen up my bedroom. New sheets should be a yearly purchase, but a new completely new bedding set can last even longer. Personally, I like to refresh my look every few years. It helps keep my bedroom exciting and inviting. There's nothing like diving into a new bedding set!
  4. Ban The Tech: Not only is your technology killing your sleep, it's also destroying your bedroom ambiance. Get rid of the tablets next to the bed and the big screen mounted on the wall if you want to maintain the calm in your room. If the TV is a must for you, find a clever way to disguise it, instead of accentuate it.
  5. Ditch The Extra Furniture: Extra furniture is along the lines of clutter, except on a larger scale. Your bedroom doesn't need more than a bed, night tables and a dresser/mirror combo. If you have the extra space, a chair in a corner might be an option. Any more than this and you might find yourself feeling claustrophobic. Find a way to decrease the furniture in your room and you might be surprised at how much extra space you actually have.

When all is said and done, your memory foam mattress and complimentary bedding should be the focal point of your bedroom. It is called a BED-room for a reason, after all! If you are exhausted after freshening up your bedroom, go ahead and get some rest...but make sure it's only on a Nature's Sleep memory foam mattress!