Nature’s Sleep is excited to introduce a mattress designed specifically to help those suffering from chronic back pain. The 12” Sapphire Gel Mattress is revolutionary and has been designed to support the best recommendations by healthcare professionals, primarily in its unique cradling and contouring capabilities.

Help Relieve Back Pain with a Nature's Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Sapphire Gel Mattress has extensive properties that are proven to help alleviate back ailments. The memory foam adjusts to each and every movement you make throughout the night, eliminating pressure points from head to toe. Targeting these delicate pressure points is where the Sapphire gel mattress excels, and once they are eliminated, your back pain will be too.

“We are so proud of this mattress,” said Alan Hirschhorn, Vice President of Marketing for Nature’s Sleep. “Everyone knows that a good quality mattress is better for your back, but this product is made specifically with back pain sufferers in mind. In fact, our founder designed this mattress for his wife, who for years had suffered with back pain. He knew there had to be a more manageable solution to the pain she was suffering. So, he worked relentlessly on formulating a new type of mattress. We are proud to say his wife feels better than ever since switching to the Sapphire! Its pretty remarkable. We are proud to offer the Sapphire Gel Mattress, knowing that it can make such a big difference in people’s lives.”

The Nature’s Sleep 12” Sapphire Gel Mattress has received praise and much support from healthcare professionals. It has an elevator effect for the sleeper, offering different levels of support regardless of whether the sleeper is on his back, side, or even stomach.

The Sapphire Gel Mattress is unlike other mattresses because it is composed of gel spheres and memory foam. While the spheres work to keep the sleeper cool through the night by capturing excess heat emitted from the body, the memory foam contours to the sleeper’s specific shape, offering support and keeping the spine aligned. Although we tend to think of proper spinal alignment as having good posture during the day, its equally important to do so at night. This is where the traditional inner-spring mattress fails and where a memory foam mattress excels.

“We are used to helping people achieve great sleep,” said Mr. Hirschhorn. “But its really special to hear from customers who have chronic medical conditions and are being helped by our Sapphire Gel Mattress.”

Cindy M. from Boulder, CO, told us how her Sapphire Gel Mattress changed her life. “After just my first night with my new mattress I was so happy with my purchase. I thought all of the claims of ‘no more back pain and no more joint paint’ were exaggerated. But not so much! All of my shoulder pain and lower back pain is gone. My only regret is not buying a Natures Sleep years ago. My life is truly better.”

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