What's the scariest dream you've ever had? For me, it was a time when I was being chased by a crazed monkey. Fortunately, that's all I am able to remember. My first thought was "why was I dreaming about monkeys?" and my second thought was "what would that monkey have done to me if he caught me?" I shudder to think. Anyway, nightmares are a reality for a lot of people. Most people only remember a portion of their nightmares, while others remember all of the gory details. In almost every case, the nightmare is enough to wake you...and make you wonder what might be hiding under your memory foam mattress.

Don't Look Under Your Memory Foam Mattress!

Here Are The Common Causes Of Nightmares:

  • PTSD: Nightmares and night terrors are a common occurrence in those with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Anything from car accidents to medical emergencies to serving our country can trigger these occurrences.
  • Stress: Our bodies process stress in many ways, most of them being unhealthy and unnatural ways. Weight gain, insomnia, sleep talking and nightmares can all be caused by stress. Decompress before hitting the sack to avoid those scary dreams.
  • Scary Movies: This one is sort of a given. When Freddy Kreuger pokes his claws through a mattress in the movie you saw just before bed, there's a good chance that is going to come back to haunt you in some way. If you must watch a scary movie, do it way before bedtime. Then fill the rest of your day with a touch of comedy!
  • Food: It has been shown that certain foods cause nightmares. Spicy foods and junk foods are the biggest culprits. 
  • Sleep Position: This might sound funny, but how you sleep can have an effect on how you dream. Sleep on your stomach for more emotional dreams, your right side for not so scary dreams and your left side if you are ready to tackle scary dream-land.

Now that you know that your dream was just a dream, it might be ok to look under your memory foam mattress. But we won't tell anyone if you would rather not! Your secret is safe with us! If you are going to have scary dreams, you might as well have them in the good company of a comfortable mattress. Go ahead and check out our online store and next time that scary monster might just curl up next to you, rather than chase you!