Most top sportsmen have their superstitions, methods of preparation before the games, little things that make them different than their teammates or other athletes. The Zagreb Bears aren't superstitious, and they achieve their great fitness, excellent health and good results because they believe in good sleep and top-class Nature's Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses on which they rest and sleep after hard training sessions and games.

BioCrystal mattresses are the latest product of company Pavleti? in whose quality football players of Barcelona, as well as great sport stars Blanka Vlaši? and Janica Kosteli? have made sure. Since recently Medveš?ak hockey players also sleep on BioCrystal mattresses and they found out all the charms and secrets of a surface made from a combination of 6 mineral types, 12 crystal types and four precious metals.

This surface is unique because it's the only one that acts instantly. The warmth spreading through the whole body as a reflection of big positive energy entering and cleansing the energetic body can be felt right away.

Crystals and minerals in the surface of BioCrystal balance and strengthen the body's energy and regenerate the state of bioenergetics field. By that they improve general health condition, and at the same time effectively protect from natural and technical radiation; thanks to these Nature’s Sleep mattresses the Bears enjoy the most comfortable "hibernation".