Believe it or not, one of the most exciting things that you can do with a memory foam topper is take it on a camping trip! All too often we come across unhappy campers suffering from poor sleep quality and we can’t help but wonder why. With absolute camping comfort easily found in a simple memory foam topper, there really is no reason why you should not be as comfortable camping as you are in your own bed. To help you get a fantastic nights sleep while camping here are our top happy camping with a memory foam topper tips!


1. Go natural
If you prefer a firmer sleeping surface but don’t like the idea of lying flush on the floor, a memory foam mattress topper could be just the thing for you! While we do not recommend simply throwing a memory foam mattress topper on the bare earth (use a ground sheet or water proof lining to create a protective barrier for your topper), using one to sleep under the stars will provide exactly the right amount of support and comfort your body needs to avoid waking up with aches and pains. Remember that your mattress topper is only a few inched thick and really easy to transport with you even if your hiking as well.

2. Double up
What on earth could be better than one memory foam mattress topper? Why TWO memory foam mattress toppers of course! If going natural sounds too hard for your body, then why not consider investing in two mattress toppers to create a double memory foam mattress topper layer? Many people who prefer a softer sleeping surface than solid ground swear by this double up memory foam mattress topper trick. The great thing is since they are easily compressed, memory foam mattress toppers save you hassle, time and space when it comes to packing for your camping trip. So you don’t have to stress about packing space just because you have two toppers, hey you also never know when you’ll come across a friend too!

3. Team it up
Many campers will already have some form of sleep surface at their disposal, from air mattresses, foam mattresses and camping cots, to built in camper van bunks and even the backseat of their car. While these are all tried and tested as acceptable sleep surfaces for a night or two, they will never be comfortable enough to provide you with a solid night’s sleep. There is hope, however, thanks to memory foam mattress toppers. By simply teaming your mattress topper up with your current sleep surface you will have a recipe for camping sleep success. Adding a memory foam mattress topper to any of your current sleeping surfaces will provide your body with the comfort and support it needs.

And finally, there is one more important thing that you should know about when deciding whether or not to take your memory foam mattress topper camping with you and that is that in cooler climates, memory foam will help keep you warm thanks to its insulating properties!

If you are convinced that it is time to up your camping sleep satisfaction but don’t know the first thing about purchasing a mattress topper, we at Nature’s sleep are only too happy to guide you through some tips on buying your memory foam mattress topper and making sure you get exactly the right thing for you. So why deny yourself peaceful sleep on your camping vacation? Simply contact Nature’s Sleep today for more information.