Memory Foam Topper

Memory Foam Topper

  1. Why is Memory Foam so Popular?

    During the 1960's, the scientists at NASA's Ames Research Center developed a revolutionary foam that they dubbed 'memory foam.' The memory foam successfully helped alleviate and cushion pressure points on an astronaut's body that occurred from g-force during a rocket's take off. The isco-elastic polyurethane foam that the scientists created conformed to an astronaut's physical shape and worked well to absorb shock. Once pressure was relieve

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  2. Holiday Gift Giving….The Right Way!

    Gift the right way

    It’s that time of year again! The snow is falling, the trees are being decorated, holiday parties planned and of course, gifts are being bought. There are so many people throughout the year who touch our lives in a multitude of ways. Think about it; we have parents, siblings, children, in-laws, nieces, cousins, coworkers, babysitters, hair dressers, mail carriers…and on and on the list goes! The task of selecting that perfect gift can certainly be overwhelming, as we don’t want to be secretly known as the “bad gift giver” at our family holiday party. Instead of rushing out to the store last minute and picking up whatever you can find in stock, let us help you get organized this holiday season.

    Make a list...check it twice.

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  3. Happy Camping with Your Memory Foam Topper

    Believe it or not, one of the most exciting things that you can do with a memory foam topper is take it on a camping trip! All too often we come across unhappy campers suffering from poor sleep quality and we can’t help but wonder why. With absolute camping comfort easily found in a simple memory foam topper, there really is no reason why you should not be as comfortable camping as you are in your own bed. To help you get a fantastic nights sleep while camping here are our top happy camping with a memory foam topper tips!


    1. Go natural
    If you prefer a firmer sleeping surface but don’t like the idea of lying flush on the floor, a memory foam mattress topper could be just the thing for you! While we do not recommend simply throwing a memory foam mattress topper on the bare earth (use a ground sheet or water proof lining to create a protective barrier for your topper), using one to sleep under the stars will provide exactly the right amoun

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  4. How To Buy Memory Foam Toppers

    memory foam toppersIf you have a brand new mattress that is just not comfortable or an old mattress but you cannot afford to buy a new mattress, you should definitely consider getting a memory foam topper to turn restless nights into peaceful sleeps. Nature's Sleep has 5 important tips on how to buy memory foam toppers.

    5. Check the density
    While buying memory foam toppers is definitely a lot cheaper than buying a whole new mattress, some may still want to go for the cheapest option that they can find. However, this may mean that you are getting a product of inferior quality, low-density foam and it’s really not going to help you very much. To get the best results (health and money wise) look

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  5. Save 67% During Our Memory Foam Topper Groupon Sale!

    We've got a new Groupon deal that you will just blow your TOP off! Right now, you can snag a Nature's Sleep HD Visco Memory Foam Mattress Topper with a cover for 67% off! A Nature's Sleep mattress topper is like a multi-tool for your back. Throw it on the floor during a sleep over, bring it camping or rejuvenate your uncomfortable futon or sleeper sofa. Oh, you can actually use it on an uncomfortable mattress, too! The topper's 2.5" thick layer of HD Visco memory foam cradles sore muscles, and its machine-washable microfiber cover forms a protective barrier against dust, dirt, and sweat.

    About Our 2.5" HD Visco Memory Foam Topper:

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    • What is the best memory foam mattress topper for you?

      best memory foam mattress topperIf you find that your mattress is not providing you with the type of quality sleep you deserve but you are not in the position to buy a new mattress right now, you should consider a memory foam mattress topper. Nature’s Sleep prides itself on offering the best memory foam mattress toppers available on the market today.

      Often times, just adding to your current mattress one of our best memory foam mattress toppers will help you rejuvenate your current mattress. One of our pressure-relieving mattress toppers will add plushness and support, very often helping to ease back pain, as they are made using our Advanced Visco Memory Foam Technology and made in both 2.5” and 3” thicknesses. The best memory foam mattress topper on the market will adjust

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    • What are Memory Foam Toppers?

      memory foam toppers

      If you are in the market for a new bed or mattress topper I am sure that you would have come across the term memory foam toppers. But what exactly are memory foam toppers? As a global manufacturer and distributor of specialty sleep products, we at Nature's Sleep are more than qualified and happy to help you get to know the revolutionary memory foam toppers.

      Memory foam toppers are a layer of foam that lies on top of your current mattress. They are made of memory foam - a polyurethane visco-elastic material. Memory foam supports your entire body equally and softens in reaction to body heat, allowing it to mold to your body. This means that there are no pressure points to cause pain or soreness. You can find out more abo

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    • Memory Foam Toppers from Nature's Sleep are 40% Off!

      Have you considered a memory foam topper? They are great to have, and there's definitely more than just one way to use them! Use it to revive an old guest bed, soften your hard mattress or fix a springy and bar ridden sofa bed. You can even use it while camping or during a slumber party with the kids. And for a short period of time,this memory foam topper is 40% off! from April 15th through April 28th, you can save 40% off of your Nature's Sleep memory foam topper with FREE shipping! This sale is only valid in the continental US.

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    • Nature's Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Topper Sale

      We're excited to announce that this week, Living Social is featuring our Memory Foam Mattress Topper as a special!

      Boost your bed's comfort, use it as a sofa bed cushion, or create a cozy floor space for guests with one of 6 available sizes for 57% off our regular pricing.

      "Like sleeping on a cloud." - LivingSocial Member

      Why you'll love this Nature's Sleep deal on Living Social - Each CertiPur US-Approved 2.75 inch topper is 100% pure memory foam and includes a

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    • Nature’s Sleep Complete Bed Sweepstakes

      Topper and Pillow Sweepstakes

      The Vitex Gel Memory Foam Pillow is Nature's Sleep newest revolutionary pillow with the perfect marriage of coolness and comfort. Offering a combination of Memory Foam and a Gel Layer, this pillow will keep you sleeping throughout the night at a comfortable temperature and perfect support in preparation for you to wake up refreshed and energized the next day. It is available in a Queen size which is firm but with a gentle and cool feel. The cotton cover is removable and washable and retails at 195.00. For the month of October you can use the coupon code: GEL60 to get 60% off with FREE SHIPPING!

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