Most people wash their sheets at least once a week and usually set aside their pillows, washing only the pillow cases. We don't often consider washing our memory foam pillows usually because they're too big and take up too much space in our washer and dryer, or because we don't know how to clean them properly. You might not wash yours because you think just washing the pillow case is sufficient, but your pillows will last longer - saving you money in the long run. If you properly clean your pillows, especially if you purchase a quality memory foam pillow then you can expect a better night's sleep.



  • To clean your pillows just put them into your washer. To keep the washer balanced, you should wash two pillows at once; we recommend a front- or top-loading washer without an agitator. If your washer is an agitator style, place your pillows in the tub vertically. This way they're less likely to get wrapped around the agitator and damaged.

    In any case, you'll want to make sure to follow the care label on your pillow. If you've cut the tag, or the tag is missing, use warm water and use the gentle cycle to wash. You may also want to add an extra cold water rinse and spin. When drying the pillows, use tumble dry/low heat setting and fluff and turn them often so they hold their shape.

  • To clean a memory foam pillow, you do NOT want to put them in the washing machine. Some have removable covers which you can wash according to the care instructions on the tag. To remove dust from the pillow just use your vacuum cleaner's upholstery tool with the suction on a lower setting, if possible.

    You might also put the pillow in the dryer on the no-heat or air-only cycle for 20 minutes. To spot clean soiled areas of the pillow, use a cloth dipped in a mild sudsy solution and rinse with a damp cloth. Air dry your pillow completely before placing back on your bed.

    Some pillows include instructions for hand washing and should be done so very gently. When foam gets wet, it tears very easily. To keep pillows fresher and cleaner longer, use liners under your pillowcases and wash them every month.