Have you ever walked through a hospital and noticed that clean, sterile smell in the hallways? That smell is a product of offgassing. Offgassing is the gas that is emitted from certain materials. It can be toxic or non-toxic, depending on the materials the gasses are being emitted from. Mattress are no exception due to the fact that they are treated with flame retardants and possibly other chemicals. The newest type of mattress are memory foam mattresses. Due to the high demand, companies are finding ways to cut corners with production in order to churn out more of this product. When a memory foam mattress is constructed with sub-par materials, it can cause problems with asthma, allergies along with a variety of other health troubles.



Now it is important to remember that all mattresses will have a "new smell". This smell can be compared to that of a new car, but this smell isn't toxic. Eventually this smell will dissipate. As a tip, allow your mattress time to air out before using it.

But if you're mattress isn't new, there is a possibility that it could be offgassing harmful toxins. That's why Nature’s Sleep's products are all made exclusively with memory foam that has been independently certified as safe by CertiPUR-US laboratories, which means that they follow strict guidelines to ensure the environmental safety (both indoors and outdoors) of their products.

Specifically they meet the following guidelines:

  • Low emissions for better indoor quality
  • No prohibited phthalates
  • No ozone depleters (CFCs)
  • No mercury, lead or heavy metals
  • No formaldehyde
  • No PBDE flame retardants

It's scary to think that formaldehyde is a common element in memory foam. You can be sure that all of Nature's Sleep memory foam products meet the same CertiPUR-US certifications. You can sleep easy at night knowing that Nature's Sleep's memory foam mattresses and pillows will provide you with your best night's sleep, naturally.

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