When you are looking to rejuvenate your current mattress, you should consider buying a memory foam mattress pad to maximize your comfort. Sometimes achieving quality sleep can be as easy as purchasing the right mattress pad.

When you are in need of a memory foam mattress pad, you want one that is thick enough to offer you customized support and to add comfort. Nature’s Sleep offers memory foam mattress pads that are anywhere from 2.5” thick to 3” thick and are made of High Density Advanced Technology memory foam. This state-of-the-art technology allows the mattress pad to adjust to your specific shape, weight and needs, providing maximum comfort throughout the night.

When you are in need of a memory foam mattress pad, you want to choose one that comes with a cover that is easy to clean. Nature’s Sleep provides all mattress pad purchasers with a plush microfiber cover that can simply be tossed into the washer and dryer making cleaning a breeze and also provides excellent protection for your investment. The cover will help keep your purchase in great shape for years to come.

When you are in need of a memory foam mattress pad, you also want to choose one that is certified by CertiPUR-US®. This is important because it not only means that the memory foam mattress pad will provide excellent support and comfort for your body, but it means that what the mattress pad is made using memory foam that is pure and safe. CertiPUR-US® scientifically tests them memory foam to ensure it meets the strict standards for content and durability.

The CertiPUR-US® certification means you are purchasing a product you can be proud to own. The foam has met the requirements for low emission (VOCs) for indoor air quality, made without ozone depleters, made without PBDE flame retardants, made without mercury, lead and heavy metals, made without formaldehyde, made without prohibited pthalates, has been durability/content/emissions tested and has been performance tested and shown to be environmentally innovative.

When shopping for your next memory foam mattress pad, choose one that provides comfort, quality and is environmentally friendly. Nature’s Sleep is proud to offer products that meet all of these requirements and more.