How many times have you bought something because someone you know told you it was great or that it had a certain benefit? Now, how many times has that happened, and you later learn your friend was wrong about the product. I know its happened to me before, where so and so recommended a product for certain features, benefits, or a warranty that was incorrect. Lesson learned, always verify and research the product so you know exactly what you're bringing home.

Shopping for big ticket items definitely requires research, and it sometimes requires fact checking. Its important to make an informed buying decision, so you feel comfortable and satisfied with your purchase. Especially when you're shopping for a new mattress, where you'll spend 1/3 of your life. With the popularity of memory foam products increasing, so have the rumors, myths, and incorrect information. 

So let's take a look at some of the facts vs. fiction

Memory Foam Mattresses vs. Latex Mattresses

  • False.There's no difference between memory foam mattresses and latex.Its true both mattresses have some similarities, but memory foam mattresses are made with a visco-elastic polyurethane substance. Latex is either synthetic or naturally-derived from rubber trees.
  • False. Memory foam restricts movement. Memory foam contours to your body, however your freedom to move is not affected. 
  • True. Memory foam reduces motion transfer more than latex mattresses. So if you or your partner get out of bed often or are tossing and turning, you'll feel it less on a memory foam mattress,
  • False. Memory foam mattresses stink. Your new memory foam mattress, or pillow may have a slight odor for a few days, often referred to as off-gassing, but it will dissipate with time. 
  • False. Memory foam makes you hot while sleeping. Nature's Sleep mattresses are made of Advanced Visco Technology,pecifically designed to sleep cooler than most other foams on the market

What would you like to learn more about with memory foam products?