Do you wake up every morning with a nagging back ache? There is a high probability that your mattress could be to blame for your discomfort. Experts conclude that if you wake up experiencing lower back pain that fades away 15 to 30 minutes after a light stretch, your mattress is the issue.

. A medium to firm memory foam mattress is ideal for those who suffer from back pain. Be sure to avoid a mattress that is too firm, however!  A mattress that is too hard will simply exacerbate back pain by pushing against pressure points. There are several mattresses available for the consumer to choose from:
  • Innerspring mattress - This is one of the oldest mattress design still used today. It is probably the type of mattress that you spent your childhood sleeping on. The firmness of an inner spring mattress may be great for alleviating back pain. However, the inner-coil design of this mattress may aggravate the body's pressure points and may not provide proper support. They may also cause the body to sleep unevenly, causing tension and muscle strain.
  • Memory Foam Mattress - Memory foam mattresses are known for their abilities to alleviate back and muscle pain. Memory foam automatically adjust to your body as you move, providing optimum support throughout the night. Our memory foam mattresses are available in various levels of firmness, so that you are able to choose the level of support that is perfect for your body.
  • Gel-Memory Foam Mattress - Gel mattresses offer an unmatched balance of pressure relief and support. They also offer the added benefit of keeping you cool throughout the night. Their unique design helps to reduce back and joint pain. 

For those suffering from back pain, we strongly recommend a memory foam or gel memory foam mattress. Ultimately, you should invest in a memory foam mattress that will keep your body aligned and supported without pushing against its pressure points. What kind of mattress are you sleeping on?