With how busy life can be, especially with the holiday season now in full swing, it is important to still maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It is essential to find the right balance to still fit in the amount of exercise you need with the correct amount of sleep.  You will notice the benefits daily when you are still keeping up with exercise and sleep even during the busy times.  Here are a few tips that will help you achieve some balance in your sleep and exercise:

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

Get to know how much sleep your body requires.  Although some adults may need eight or more hours of sleep to function properly, not all do.  People vary in the amount sleep they require, so it is important to determine the amount of sleep you need in order to function at your fullest potential.  Once you have established the amount of sleep you need, it will then be easier to create a daily schedule that allows for the sleep you need. You will then want to stick with the same sleep time and wake up time everyday to set your body clock.  This will also help you to fall asleep faster and wake up in the morning feeling more refreshed.

Know Your Body With Exercise

It is vital to know how much exercise your body can take.  Beginning with on a lower weight and then building up the level of weights will help your body train and build up naturally.  You also want to include a cardio portion with your exercise and build up slowly on that as well.  When you push yourself too hard and too quickly your body will take much longer to heal, require more sleep, and will need more time between workouts.

Prepare a Schedule

Planning out your daily schedule ensures you fit in all of your activities, including work, house chores, exercise and even the time you need to sleep.  This will help you visualize and prepare for your day.  Although your commitments will vary from week to week, it is important to still maintain a workout schedule and keep your same bedtime and wake up time. This will help you achieve the full benefits of both a regular workout routine and a good sleep pattern.