What is a memory foam topper? A topper is a layer of memory foam that lies on top of your current mattress. Your mattress must be in good condition without sags or bends for the topper to lie properly. A memory foam topper can instantly transform your spring mattress into a much more comfortable bed. As a result, you will experience some of the benefits of a memory foam mattress. However, a topper is not as beneficial as a memory foam mattress. Let's compare the two.

A topper is a good way to get the feel of memory foam before moving on to a quality memory foam mattress. A topper supports your pressure points, but not as consistently as an actual memory foam mattress would. They do not give as much support to your pressure points as an entire mattress would. The higher the density of a topper, the better the support. A topper provides only a measure of the comfort of a mattress, though it is a significant improvement over a traditional spring mattress. Toppers cannot cool the body as well as a memory foam mattress could.

We recommend that a topper be used as a stepping stone to a memory foam mattress. However, sometimes a topper may be all that you desire. You may find that you are  satisfied with just a topper to place over your current mattress. However, if you want to enjoy the full benefits of memory foam, or if you have severe muscle or joint pain, we recommend that you try a memory foam mattress. If you decide that a topper will be right for you, Nature's Sleep offers a variety for you to choose from.