It can be hard to sleep when you're nervous about something. Anxiety can can put you under a lot of mental stress, making sleep seem far-off and unattainable. Here are some things that might help you calm down enough to sleep better when you get nervous or anxious about something



  • Focus your thoughts: Instead of focusing on how anxious or nervous you are, focus your thoughts on something positive, instead. Find something to think about that makes you relaxed or happy and mull over that thought instead of the thoughts that are making you nervous or anxious.
  • Write your worries down: Sometimes the best cure for anxiety is to just let it all out, and writing down what's making you nervous is a great way to vent your anxiety. Keep a journal or a pad and a pen or pencil by your bed so that you can write your worries down while in bed.
  • Keep electronic devices out of the bedroom: As hard as it may sound for most people to try and keep mobile phones, tablets and laptops out of the bedroom, or to even switch them off for an hour or two before going to bed, it is very beneficial for decreasing brin stimulation and bettering your sleep in general. The light that comes from electronic devices tricks the brain into thinking that it is still daytime and time to be awake.

It can be hard to sleep with so much going on in your mind. Whether your anxiety is caused by school, work, or a critical decision that you have to make, it's helpful to remember that worrying and being anxious about it won't do anything to chance the outcome or make you feel better! Sleep is important for our health, and anxiety and stress is proven to negatively affect your health. Remember, keep calm, take deep breaths, and sleep well! What are some things that help you calm down and get to sleep when you're anxious or nervous?

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