Do you find yourself counting sheep instead of drifting off into dreamland every night? Inadequate sleep can affect your job, your relationships and your life. Here are some tips to improve your quality of sleep.

How Can I Sleep Better

Caffeine Free

Have you been guzzling caffeinated drinks all day and night? Caffeine keeps you awake; it increases adrenaline and blocks the chemicals in your brain that induce sleep. If you can't live without caffeine, stop drinking anything caffeinated several hours before you head to bed. Try drinking decaffeinated coffee or tea, or herbal tea instead; you might be surprised by how satisfying a hot beverage can be, even without the caffeine.

Ditch the Devices

Much like caffeine, digital devices are a stimulant. In addition, your body releases stress hormones in response to playing that video game or answering that email. Stop using screens and digital devices about half an hour before bedtime. If you like to sit up in bed and read, replace that e-reader with a real, paperback or hardcover book just before you go to sleep. Consider removing the television from your bedroom. If you take your phone into your bedroom, turn it off for the night.

A Dark Room

Curtains often don't keep out the light well enough. Install light blocking blinds in your bedroom window. This will allow you to get to sleep in the summer when it's still light out later in the evening. You can also stay asleep longer, instead of being bothered at the crack of dawn by the bright sun's rays. Blinds are especially important if you work the night shift.

The Power of Sound

Silence can be deafening. Investing in a sound machine, or a sound app can be well worth the peaceful sleep it brings. Experiment with different sounds to help you sleep, from ocean waves to a gentle rain. This can be especially helpful if you suffer from tinnitus.

The Right Sleep Surface

If your mattress isn't comfortable, you won't get a good night's sleep. Worse still, the creaking of a traditional mattress may interrupt your sleep. Try a Memory Foam Mattress. Memory foam doesn't creak, doesn't compress, conforms to your body and helps align your spine for a restful sleep.

The Proper Pillow

If your pillow is too plump or too flat, it can affect your sleep and give you a crick in the neck that lasts all day. Like a memory foam mattress, a memory foam pillow will conform to your body for the perfect fit. A memory foam pillow will cradle your neck and head to help align your spine and relax your muscles for a good night's sleep.