Temperatures are getting frigid in many parts of the country.  With that comes those nights when it seems you just cannot seem to get the chill out of the air. You also may be feeling more tired these days in response to the cold, lower activity level, and the lack of natural daylight.  The reduction exposure to sunlight effectively suppresses the formation of the sleep-stimulating hormone of melatonin in our bodies that contributes to our daytime sleepiness. Therefore, it is necessary for you to get as much sleep as possible when you go to bed for the night.

Here are some tips to help create a more cozy, serene and warmer bed to help you fall asleep more peacefully for the coming wintery nights:

Insulate you mattress:

The Sleep Council says that insulated mattress surfaces create a better night's sleep, so add that mattress topper to experience a more snuggly sleep to help you stay asleep the entire night.


Down and down alternative-filled duvets are lightweight enough for comfort, but trap body heat to keep you warm. The other alternative is having a few layers of blankets. This allows you to not only remain snug-as-a-bug, but it also enables you to remove layers if you start getting too warm.

Maximize the size of your bedding for additional warmth:

To avoid having your blanket stolen all night long from your partner, purchase a larger sized duvet for your bed than normal.  This will keep you snuggled in and prevent loss of sleep over a tug-of-war with the smaller duvet.

Flannel Sheets:

Invest in a set of flannel sheets.  They are breathable and they stay warm. 

Hot Water Bottle:

Hot water bottles are not merely a remnant of times gone by, they are a great way of keeping extremities such as your feet and hands warm without having to use a heater or wait for bed covers to warm up with body heat. Usually when our hands and feet are warm, our bodies feel completely cozy, so by concentration to these points we are miles ahead!

Be diligent this winter about establishing an alternate means of staying comfortable in bed while maintaining a colder ambient temperature in your bedrooms. This will allow you to have a better quality of sleep while saving major funds on heating expenses.