Getting a good night's sleep is contingent on your pillow and mattress. If you have a good mattress and a memory foam pillow that supports you properly, you'll get great sleep, but if you are lacking quality in one or both of those elements, sleep can go from restful and rejuvenating to restless and even waking up in pain. We've given you tips on how to care for your mattress, and now we're here to talk about your memory foam pillow! Many people don't know how to care for their pillows, so we're answering the most common questions that you have about caring for your pillow. 

  • How often should I replace my pillow? Your pillow's life expectancy depends on what it's made of. Natural pillows that are made out of feather or down will typically last about five to seven years. Synthetic pillows do not last as long - only about two or three years.
  • How do I tell if my pillow is "dead"? To tell if you need to replace your pillow, do a "fold-over" test. If you have a feather or down pillow, fold it in half. A healthy pillow should easily spring back into place. If it doesn't spring back, that means it's dead and you should replace it. If your pillow is synthetic, fold it in half and place a 10-ounce weight on top. After a minute or so, take the weight off. If your pillow springs back, it's healthy. If stays folded over, it's dead and should be replaced.
  • How can I care for my pillow to make it last longer? You can use pillow covers with reinforced, double stitched seams to help keep dust mites and dead skins cells out of your pillow. Pillow covers are not the same as a normal pillow case, can be washed once a month, and really extend the life of your pillow. It's also a good idea to wash your pillow every now and then. Pillows can be washed in your washing machine with cool water and fabric soap on a short, delicate cycle. Make sure that they are thoroughly rinsed. Any pillow except a memory foam pillow can be dried in a clothes dryer, just make sure you wring out the pillows before drying. If you have a feather or down pillow, adding a few tennis balls in with them in the dryer will help to increase their fluffiness.

Do you have a feather, down, or synthetic pillow? What are some things that you do to care for your pillows?