memory foam toppersIf you have a brand new mattress that is just not comfortable or an old mattress but you cannot afford to buy a new mattress, you should definitely consider getting a memory foam topper to turn restless nights into peaceful sleeps. Nature's Sleep has 5 important tips on how to buy memory foam toppers.

5. Check the density
While buying memory foam toppers is definitely a lot cheaper than buying a whole new mattress, some may still want to go for the cheapest option that they can find. However, this may mean that you are getting a product of inferior quality, low-density foam and it’s really not going to help you very much. To get the best results (health and money wise) look for memory foam toppers with a density of 4lb and higher. All of our of memory foam toppers are made from high-density foam.

4. Temperature sensitivity
The best part about memory foam is that it conforms to your body shape - supporting where you need support and giving way where you need it to give way. Good quality memory foam should become react and mould to your shape under pressure and heat. To check if the memory foam toppers you are considering are temperature sensitive, lie down on the topper for a few minutes. It should react to your body shape in this time and then when you get up it should slowly recover. If you can’t see your body shape in the foam or if it disappears in a second it is generally considered to be an inferior memory foam topper. All of Nature's Sleep's memory foam toppers are temperature sensitive to give you the perfect nights sleep.

3. Know your Warranty
Make sure that you read and understand all the terms of your warranty. Nature's Sleep's memory foam toppers have a 3-year limited warranty, which means that we are confident that our topper will work for you and support and comfort your body. We stand behind your products so you can feel confident when you make your purchase.

2. Quality testing
The best memory foam toppers will be certified for certain quality tests. All Nature's Sleep's memory foam toppers are CertiPur-US approved. This means that CertiPur-US, an independent testing organization has tested our memory foam and found it to be made without ozone depleters, without PBDE’s, without mercury, lead and heavy metals, have Low emissions (low VOCS) and made without formaldehyde and phthalates.

1. Do some homework
Don’t be fooled by fancy advertisements, low, low prices or claims that just seem too good to be true. Do some research on both the product and the manufacturer. Read reviews from real people and understand you get what you pay for. Do some homework to make sure you are getting the best quality memory foam topper, one that will either live up to, or exceed, your expectations.