Gift the right way

It’s that time of year again! The snow is falling, the trees are being decorated, holiday parties planned and of course, gifts are being bought. There are so many people throughout the year who touch our lives in a multitude of ways. Think about it; we have parents, siblings, children, in-laws, nieces, cousins, coworkers, babysitters, hair dressers, mail carriers…and on and on the list goes! The task of selecting that perfect gift can certainly be overwhelming, as we don’t want to be secretly known as the “bad gift giver” at our family holiday party. Instead of rushing out to the store last minute and picking up whatever you can find in stock, let us help you get organized this holiday season.

Make a list...check it twice.

First you have to sit down and jot down a list of everyone you may need to buy a gift for. Here are some tips to help you not accidentally forget anyone

  1. Think of everyone that you see on either a regular or an irregular basis. Mentally walk yourself through a typical week (or month) in your life. You may have a doorman you see every day or a hair colorist you see every 6 weeks. Write them down.
  2. Think of anyone you may see in a gift-giving environment. Maybe your extended family always gets together or you have a workplace holiday party.
  3. All the family members in your life that you routinely buy gifts for, as well as any new family members you may have acquired this year (think marriages, new babies, etc.)

Consider this initial list your rough draft; it’s just a starting point to work from. Leave it alone for a few days and return back to it later with a fresh mind. At that time, go through your list and really consider each individual and decide how important they are to you. If every year you buy a gift for your Aunt Sally but she never seems to appreciate it (or reciprocate on the gift) then maybe you skip her this year! Remember, the holidays are a time to be happy and joyous. Don’t make yourself feel badly if you have to pick and chose.

Prioritize and price

Have a dollar amount in mind that you plan to spend on gifts this year. As a reference, the average consumer spends $800 on holiday gifts. Categorize the people on your list into subgroups: the most important people in your life (think spouse, children), the not-as-close but still important (cousins, coworkers), and the ones you are extending an end of year thank you to (babysitters, mail carriers, etc). Working from the overall budget and assigning a general dollar amount to each group will make the purchasing process significantly easier and less stressful!

Consider the classics

No, not the musical classics but rather gifts that are timeless and never go out of style. If you live in the cold, articles of warmth are always appreciated (gloves, scarves, hats) and come in colors and styles that match the recipients’ personality. Many adults will never turn away a nice bottle of booze, just as every child will always love a new toy to play with! But if you really want to impress with your gift this year, consider the gift of a peaceful night’s sleep. Here at Nature’s Sleep, we work tirelessly to invent innovative sleeping products made from sustainable materials that ultimately leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated each and every morning. We have an extensive lineup of memory foam mattresses, memory foam mattress toppers, memory foam pillows, slippers, sofa sleeper replacement mattresses and solid wood foundations. Between the pain-relieving mattresses, the comforting pillows and the walking-on-clouds slippers, we know that a gift from Nature’s Sleep will be one they won’t ever forget. At Nature’s Sleep, our mattresses are as unique as you and the important people in your life. So give the gift that will make you the star of your holiday season!