Mattress Shipped

You know the saying “good things come in small packages”? I can think of several items this cliché’ applies to, jewelry, keys to a new car, a puppy, etc. The one thing that would never pop into my head with that expression is a mattress!

I guess that’s why so many people are surprised when they receive their memory foam mattress, and it’s not in a huge box that won’t fit up the stairs or through your front door. So, when your new mattress arrives in a small package from FedEx, don't panic. Don’t let the small package fool you, inside is one of the most comfortable beds you can purchase.

Memory foam mattresses from Nature’s Sleep are shipped compressed and vacuum-packed. They literally take a vacuum device and suck all the air out of the mattress cells. This cutting edge technology allows us to use less space when packaging your new bed, and reduces our carbon footprint.

Millions of tiny cells in the memory foam collapse under pressure and provides your body with comfort as it contours to your shape. Its ability to collapse and return to its original state when weight is removed, allows it be shipped in a box much smaller than the mattress.

Remove the packaging with care (be careful with box cutters or knives), so you don’t damage your mattress and then unroll it. When you remove your mattress, the foam absorbs the air as it decompresses to its actual size in minutes. By the way, it’s so cool to watch and your children will think its magic! Although, it only takes minutes for the bed to be its normal size, it can take 24 hours for the bed to lose its wrinkly appearance. (Don't you wish your wrinkles would disappear in 24 hours).

Of course, you’ll be so eager to get your sheets and comforter on, and check out your new mattress, its appearance will be the last thing on your mind as you drift off to sleep.

  • Memory foam was developed by NASA scientists to provide shock absorption for astronauts during take-off and landing
  • Memory foam is non-toxic
  • Memory foam softens as your body temperature rises, to provide a cradle for your body

What do you do to reduce your carbon footprint?

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